Phillip Schofield makes dirty joke on This Morning when talking about vibrators

The This Morning host made a hilarious joke during a discussion of whether teenage girls should be given vibrators – but the segment was branded as being on "too early" by fans.

Comedienne and social worker Judi Love and relationship expert Annabelle Knight joined Phil and co-host Holly Willoughby to discuss whether or not teenage girls should be given a vibrator in order to "close the pleasure gap."

As the discussion eventually came to a close, Phil said: "Well of course as you can imagine this has sparked a mass debate."

The contributors laughed loudly, but Holly remained stony faced as she looked through their contact from the outside world.

Fans loved Phil’s classic zing and took to social media to share their admiration.

During the debate Annabelle said she believes it is a great idea, while Judi suggested they should not be made available so children and still be children.

The relationship expert said: "Vibrators are not a necessity but a way of helping you explore your sexuality."

But Judi added: "Young people are going through their hormones and their identity within themselves is not fully understood.

"It’s important to understand yourself but there’s a line."

A poll showed that the majority of viewers agreed with Judi, and only fewer than 10% of fans were in favour of giving teen girls vibrators.

As the discussion continued, many fans also wondered whether it was a little too early to be discussing the X-rated topic.

This Morning airs from 10.30am weekdays on ITV.

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