Phillip Schofield reveals he fell in love with wife Steph's boobs and proposed naked after whirlwind romance

PHILLIP Schofield has revealed how he fell in love with his wife Steph's boobs – and proposed to her naked.

The explosive revelations appear in his new book, Life's What You Make It, as he recalled what first attracted him to Steph.

In his new book out today, the 58-year-old wrote: "I loved her voice and her blue eyes, her blonde hair and … if I’m honest, she had, and indeed still has, great boobs.

"I felt utterly comfortable with her and totally safe, and my friends adored her." 

Phil also reflected on the moment he proposed to Steph, which involved him jumping out from their bed in his birthday suit to get down on bended knee.

"I had found exactly the ring I wanted on Bond Street," he penned. "Every year, I made an advent calendar for Steph, little boxes filled with bath oils or chocolates.

"In the box for 11 December (Steph’s mum Gill’s birthday) was the ring.

"As she opened the box and found the ring, I leapt starkers from our bed and proposed," he added.

Although wanting to keep their news private, he said broadcaster Des O'Connor accidentally announced their engagement news on his show.

Phil continued: "We kept it mostly among our family and friends until, on Going Live the next day, Des O’Connor let the cat out of the bag. But we were happy he had." 

Stephanie met Phil when she worked as a BBC production assistant and he was working for BBC children's television.

They got married in 1993 and the couple now have two daughters Ruby and Molly.

In February, Phil came out as gay – and has said since that the pressure of the secret made him sick.

The star  explained that he had a meltdown on the way to ITV studios and got his driver to take him home while another time he ran off screen to be sick.

The incidents made him realise he had to tell the world who he really was.

Writing in his new book, Phil shared: "I had to come out. If I didn’t, the secret was going to give me a total breakdown . . . at best."

The popular presenter said he was heading to This Morning when a voice in his head told him: "You’re f***ing up everything and everyone and there’s no way to stop it."

Admitting he was “emotionally, fundamentally scared” for the first time, he says his thoughts started to affect his job — before he came out on This Morning in February.

Phil reveals his wellbeing is “still a work in progress”, adding: “I’m not fixed, not yet.”

The voice came into his head as he planned for an interview with singer Annie Lennox.

He asked the driver taking him to ITV studios to turn around, texted producers to say he couldn’t come in and turned off his phone.

Holly, 39, was left in the hotseat and bosses panicked as he sat alone in his London flat.

In autobiography Life’s What You Make Of It, he writes: “It was the first time my issues had spilled over into work. Another day I had to leave a fashion item to be sick. I now knew that I needed professional help.”

He got therapy and took medication, ultimately leading to his decision to come out.

Life’s What You Make Of It by Phillip Schofield, published by Michael Joseph, is out today.

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