Phillip Schofield slams Seann Walsh for cheating on girlfriend’s birthday

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield weighed in on Katya Jones and Seann Walsh’s shock kiss , as Vanessa Feltz admitted she was tempted by "sexy dancing" when she was paired with James Jordan on Strictly Come Dancing .

The Strictly pairing were spotted having a cheeky snog on Wednesday night after a few drinks, and later apologised for their "drunken mistake" once the pictures were released after Saturday’s show.

Since then, Seann’s girlfriend Rebecca Humphries has spoken out in a detailed statement which said he had called her a "psycho" when she suggested there could be something going on between him and his dance partner, as she said she was keeping their cat.

On This Morning, Phil and Holly both weighed in, saying it being "hideously public" makes the whole thing even sadder.

Phil said: "What makes this really sad is that it’s been soo hideously public, but can you forgive a drunken kiss? Was it just a drunken kiss?"

He later added: "He has got a girlfriend at home and it’s her birthday… well she thought it was ok for her to be there… in other relationships you could very well be sitting there on the sofa thinking, ‘he’ll be home a little bit later on and it will be great.’

"There is no question, you have the all-powerful, all-knowing professional, the vulnerable celebrity and it’s passionate, it’s steamy."

Vanessa, who competed with James for a few weeks in the 2013 series, revealed she had been tempted by her sexy dance pro James Jordan when they performed on the show together, saying he told her to "put her foo-foo on his thigh."

She said: "They were drinking and drinking to the point they would have known they would be disinhibited so they have to take responsibility for that.

"Having done Strictly in 2013… you know you’re being followed, you’re under such scrutiny. You have millions of viewers.

"For about three or four days I was headlong in love with him, how could you not be? And all that sexy dancing.

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"I remember him saying to me, ‘Just put your foo foo on my thigh,’ and I thought nobody’s said that to me for years!How fantastic. And just push you ‘mm mm’ up against my chest and I thought oh boy, is this my birthday?"

But she asserted as she and he were both in "loving relationships" she was not going to cheat, noting it is "a TV show" as she knows she is not supposed to get it on with your partner.

She added: "I was aware they are paid to be nice to you and they do the same with everybody they dance with every series, so you’re not supposed to fall for it and take it too seriously."

She argued with Louise Van Der Veldem who believed the kiss should be forgiven as it may have perked up their relationships.

As Louise tried to argue that open relationships are the best way to live, Holly argued with her, showing her views that their actions were unacceptable.

She said: "I think you both have to agree to that, you have to look at his girlfriend sitting at home, writing this response.

"Fantasy is something that’s not necessarily reality because you have responsiblities… I wonder for the show going forward whether people will be worried to do the show."

Phil also suggested similar things take place during Dancing On Ice , whic his set to come back to ITV in January.

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