Piers Morgan 'relieved' Kim Kardashian won't be First Lady as Kanye concedes

Piers Morgan is relieved that Kanye West conceded the US Presidential race – as it means Kim Kardashian won’t be the First Lady.

The GMB host was discussing the latest developments of the ongoing election results when news broke that Kanye, after receiving 50,000 votes, admitted defeat.

Piers stated: ‘You’ll all be probably relieved to hear Kanye West has conceded.’

‘Look, Kanye West, it’s not over till it’s over!’ Susanna Reid stepped in, joking about the Ultralight Beam’s singer.

Piers added: ‘We won’t have first lady Kim Kardashian West, which is probably an enormous relief for all of us, whatever political persuasion you’re from.’

Kanye stated that he hoped to try again in 2024 in his defeat message, which simply read: ‘WELP’ in a tweet.

Kanye attached a picture of himself smiling in front of a picture of the map of the US, with different states shaded in red to denote wins for incumbent President Donald Trump.

He had previously announced he’d voted for the first time – for himself- using a write-in vote on his ballot in Wyoming.

He tweeted: ‘Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust…me.’

Kim Kardashian also announced she had voted, and urged her fans to do the same, but didn’t state in whose favour she cast her ballot.

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