Piers Morgan's ridiculous Good Morning Britain demands include iron-pressed underwear, says Kate Garraway

It’s official – Good Morning Britain‘s Piers Morgan is a Mariah Carey-level diva.

Piers’ pre-GMB demands include having his seat warmed by a lackey, his pants iron-pressed, and a large mug of “perfect tan brown” Yorkshire Gold tea stirred 23 times anti-clockwise…

OK, full disclosure, the list comes from Kate Garraway and she is, of course, joking – as part of her 24-hour job as guest Sun Showbiz Editor in a bid to raise money for charity.

Other backstage ‘demands’ from Piers include having all mirrors polished so that he can see his reflection, all of his press coverage laminated, breakfast brought to him while he rewrites the whole of GMB, and listening to Lily Allen and Madonna to really rile him up.

Piers also ensures co-host Susanna Reid is promised that she will get a word in edgeways, which is a lie.

Meanwhile, the tables were turned today (October 17) on GMB, with Susanna seething as Piers got a National TV Awards nod over her.

The NTAs has released its annual longlist of nominees, and Piers made the cut in the Best TV Presenter category.

“There’s 43 names on here,” Susanna said this morning. “I’m not on it.”

Referring to her National Reality TV Awards 2018 wins (which Piers had something to say about, obviously), Susanna also pointed out she’s already won an award.

Elsewhere, Piers is facing the wrath of a thousand dads, including Captain America‘s Chris Evans, after taking the mick out of Daniel Craig wearing a papoose.

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Voting on the NTAs longlist is open now, and tickets for the awards show on January 22, 2019 are also available now.

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