Piers Morgan's wife Celia Walden pokes fun at GMB exit with hilarious parody video as she wakes up to him still at home

PIERS Morgan's wife Celia Walden has poked fun at his Good Morning Britain exit with a hilarious parody video.

The journalist, 45, who has been married to the controversial presenter for 11 year, made light of the situation on her Instagram feed.

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Piers, 55, and co-star Alex Beresford clashed on Tuesday morning's episode of Good Morning Britain when discussing Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While Alex defended the Duchess of Sussex, Piers made it clear he didn't believe anything she said.

Their spat resulted in the broadcaster storming off set and he later handed in his resignation.

Piers has been live on air at 6am every Monday to Wednesday for the past six years – and now his shock departure means that he can finally wake up at a more reasonable time.

His wife Celia certainly won't be used to seeing her husband in bed with her when she wakes up and she took to Instagram to share a hilarious video that shows just that.

The footage, originally made by NME columnist Alexandra Haddow, shows the writer pretending to be Celia waking up yesterday (Wednesday) morning.

When she finally managed to open her eyes, she was given a huge fright when she realised that someone else was in her bed.

Alexandra wrote over the footage: "Piers Morgan's wife waking up this morning."

Celia reposted the video on her grid and captioned the post: "Right on the money."

Many of her fans flocked to the comment section to praise the hilarious content.

One wrote: "Hope you got breakfast in bed 🍳."

Another said: "That is hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣

A third wrote: "That is brilliant."

Meanwhile others pleaded to get him back on our screens.

A fourth added: "Send him back absolutely rubbish without him 🙌."

A fifth said: "Only watched GMB cus I loved seeing your husband sorting them all out :(((."

Another fan chimed in: "Monday To Wednesday Peace Ruined! 😂 Love him!"

More than 41,000 viewers have complained to Ofcom following Piers' remarks on the breakfast show.

He queried many of Meghan's claims, including her mental health struggles.

Breaking down in tears during the interview, which aired on CBS on Sunday night and ITV the following evening, Meghan said: "I just didn't see a solution.

"I didn't want to be alive anymore."

But Piers had no sympathy for the pregnant Royal and ranted on the ITV breakfast show: "Who did you go to? What did they say to you?

"I don't believe a word she says, Meghan Markle. I wouldn't believe a weather report if she read it.

"The fact she has expressed an onslaught against our Royal Family is contemptible."

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