Power Book 4 release: Joseph Sikora drops huge filming/production update ‘Season wrap!’

Power: Starz teases Books 2, 3, and 4 seasons

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Power fans can rejoice after actor Joseph Sikora, dropped a huge update announcing the completion of production for his highly-anticipated Starz spin-off series. Power Book IV: Force is set to follow his character Tommy Egan after the events in Power Book II.

Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora) was introduced in the original series of Power as the easily-tempered friend of James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick.

The two were self-proclaimed brothers and had been close friends since their childhood.

Together they would murder enemies and distribute drugs across New York – at some points causing absolute havoc.

Unfortunately, their tumultuous journey ended suddenly after James was unexpectedly murdered in the jaw-dropping season six finale.

With being familiar with the authorities and knowing he would be a suspect – he fled to Chicago.

As a fan-favourite, viewers had been sharing their thoughts on social media and pleading with the show to provide more insight into his journey.

The network did just that and ordered Tommy’s spin-off, giving fans an in-depth look at what he’s been up to in Chicago.

With the recent news that production has wrapped, viewers can expect the series to premiere sooner than later.

Originally, the series’ script supervisor shared a behind the scenes snap of Joesph on her Instagram story – captioned “And that’s a season wrap for me,” and thanked him for his role.

The actor then re-shared the story and in response, the script supervisor, Anna Ziggy Loes, hinted at a potential second season.

Many fans have come up with theories suggesting Tommy could fall in love and take a step back from his life of crime.

Whereas others have said Power Book IV could see him working with a new cartel, in an effort to expand his drug empire.

Tommy did make a surprise appearance in Power’s first series spin-off Power Book II, to clear his name after being accused of killing Ghost.

Fans will remember it was in fact his son Tariq St Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr) who pulled the fatal trigger.

Whereas Tommy rushed to his side and in the emotional scene the two shared a few last words before Ghost took his last breath.

Originally, Tariq’s mother Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton) had taken the fall and was in jail.

However, she was able to manipulate law enforcement by using Tommy’s extensive criminal history to place the blame on him.

Despite always being loyal to the St Patrick family, Tommy appeared with a vengeance and was ready to send Tariq to the grave for betraying him.

Thankfully, he was stopped by queen pin Monet Tejada (Mary J Blige) as the youngster was needed to finish his job.

Whist studying at the prestigious Yale University, he had been trafficking drugs for her and wasn’t going to let Tommy put a stop to that.

Power Book IV: Force premieres on Starz in early 2022

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