Power season 6 – How many episodes are there and why is the series split in two?

POWER made its much-anticipated return to Netflix, and it is safe to say that fans haven't been disappointed by the dramatic final season.

But why is the sixth season being split into two parts? Here's all you need to know…

Why is Power season 6 being split in two?

Power producers have not yet revealed why the final series is being split in two, however, showrunner Courtney Kemp has alluded to the reason behind the format change.

She hinted the last five episodes of the season would air later as the story of sixth series is divided in two halves.

Speaking to TV Guide, she explained: “Like every season, episode eight is going to be a huge ending — big, big shift.”

“Episode 10 is cray. Then [episode 11] to [episode 15] are a way to explain what has happened.”

She went on to add: “The last 45 seconds of [Episode 15] are som-e of my favourite television I’ve ever done.”

Another explanation for the split could perhaps be down to a scheduling issue with Starz, as apart from the first series every season has had 10 episodes.

Adding another five to the series is almost doubling it and may be hard to fit around the channels other shows.

How many episodes are in part one and two of Power season 6?

Part one of Power aired on August 26, 2019.

There will be 10 episodes shown every Monday for the next two and a half months.

However, the remaining five shows are set to air in early 2020, potentially January.

Will there be a Power spin-off show?

Yes! RnB legend Mary J Blige has signed up to appear in the new series, which has been titled Power Book II: Ghost.

Mary shared the news with a crowd at the Television Critics’ Association, saying: “This is probably going to be the most exciting thing that will happen to me this year.

“I’ve known so many Tashas, I’ve known so many Ghosts. I’ve dated so many Ghosts, I’m a huge fan for life, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.”

But Starz and Netflix have not yet revealed the release date for Power Book II: Ghosts.

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