Queen of the South finale: Fans convinced Teresa faked death after ‘obvious’ body double

Queen of the South: USA Network teases season finale

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Only one episode is standing in the way of Teresa Mendoza’s (played by Alice Braga) story coming to a heart-racing conclusion on the USA Network. Following the latest shocking instalment of Queen of the South, some intriguing clues may have already revealed one last twist for the unpredictable cartel drama.

Most viewers still aren’t sold on Teresa Mendoza’s shocking death at the end of the ninth episode of Queen of the South season five.

In the penultimate chapter, ‘A Prueba de Balas/Bulletproof’ Teresa and James (Peter Gadiot) finally seemed to start their long teased relationship.

However, following a foreboding conversation with Devon Finch (Jamie Spector), James appears to betray Teresa and assassinates the drug lord in her own home.

The series is intent on having viewers believe Teresa has actually been killed, to the extent of showing her corpse in the promo for Wednesday’s explosive finale.

Even so, a number of fans have already spotted several clues that say otherwise.

From James’ lack of motive to the trajectory of the bullet, something just isn’t adding up about Teresa’s shocking ‘death’ in the last episode.

One fan took another theory to Reddit when they spotted what could be a massive clue in the sequence leading up to her apparent demise.

Reddit user cinephile_ posted: “When Teresa and Pote step off the helicopter, there’s a woman the same height as Teresa with long straight dark hair with side parting exactly like the hairstyle Teresa supposedly dies with.”

Plus, they added: “And she’s wearing sunglasses to cover her identity.”

Teresa is accompanied by her loyal sicario Pote (Hemky Madera) in this sequence, which circles right back to the prologue at the start of Queen of the South’s very first season.

Beyond her trusted right hand man, fans aren’t quite sure who the other characters making up Teresa’s posse are supposed to be.

This theory suggests that her mysterious lackey could be a body double who was taken out in Teresa’s stead.

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The post continued: “This is obviously Teresa’s ringer that James will kill.

“The question is how will they prove to Devon that James truly killed Teresa. I’m sure he’ll want DNA evidence or to see her body in the morgue.”

Current speculation seems to agree that James was forced to kill Teresa as he’s still under Devon’s thumb from his time with the CIA.

Now the pair have realised they want to find a way out of the cartel life, the former hitman used some quick thinking to formulate a plan to kill the ‘Queen’, allowing Teresa to escape under the guise of a new identity.

Although the supposed body double is certainly a convincing clue, some fans are reluctant to believe Teresa and James would have an innocent person killed to save their own hides.

Offering a couple of solutions, another viewer replied: “Unless they found out Oksana’s daughter was a mole, then maybe I can see them killing her.

“Or maybe they used some other random woman who was already dying and agreed to pay her family for life.”

Teresa has certainly amassed enough wealth and influence to make a hasty getaway, but fans will just have to tune in on Wednesday night to get the answers they’ve been waiting for.

Queen of the South season 5 concludes Wednesday, June 9 on USA Network.

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