'Ragdoll': Breaking Down the Main Characters in the 'Gruesome' New AMC+ Series

AMC+‘s new dark crime series Ragdoll will have fans hooked on its intriguing storyline. But what makes Ragdoll come to life are its main characters. DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), DI Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira), and DC Lake Edmonds (Lucy Hale) all have their secrets to bear.

As the series progresses, the characters’ stories unfold as they try to find a murderer and stop a kill list. Audiences will start to understand that the series is not just about murder but how the case affects each character and their mindset.

Andrea Wyld does anything for a story in the AMC series

Audiences are given a small introduction to Andrea Wyld (Natasha Little) during the Cremation Killer’s court case flashback. Fans are led to believe she did not leak the complaint letter about Rose to the press. But, Wyld is as cutthroat as anyone when it comes to her journalistic career.

Wyld is more than willing to write about Rose’s downfall to the public, despite their camaraderie. The character will likely prove to do anything necessary to get a good story. The series alludes that Wyld and Rose had some form of a relationship before he was institutionalized.

Main character DCI Terrence Simmons is loyal to his team in ‘Ragdoll’

On the investigation team is DCI Terrence Simmons (Ali Cook). He is not heavily introduced when the series begins but already displays an authoritative attitude as the team’s superior. The character has more of a worthwhile relationship with Rose and Baxter.

After the main character learns about the kill list in episode 1, Simmons supports Rose. Despite knowing his past, mental health, and his spot on the list, Simmons allows Rose to participate in the investigation. When it comes to Baxter and Rose, Simmons trusts his team while giving Edmunds a hard time.

Main character DS Finlay is loyal to Rose despite his past indiscretion in ‘Ragdoll’

Joining Baxter, Rose, and Edmunds on the investigation is DS Finlay (Michael Smiley). Finlay is a voice of reason and comfort for Baxter and Rose. At the trial, he stays by Rose’s side and protects him from reporters. He even warns the officer who reported Rose not to make a scene.

In Ragdoll, the main character assures Baxter that she should take some pride in catching a past serial killer. Fans can expect the character to be a pillar of reassurance for the team and someone viewers will get attached to.

DC Lake Edmunds is too assertive for her fellow teammates liking

One of the main characters in Ragdoll is DC Lake Edmunds, played by Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale. Edmunds is an American transfer, vegan, feminist, and often too assertive compared to Baxter and Rose. She knows who she is, what she wants, and her ideals. But, her confidence in who she is and what she thinks sometimes rubs the other characters the wrong way.

She and Rose clash heads as Rose keeps certain emotions and truths in check while Edmunds sees no problem stating the obvious.

Audiences might find Edmunds has more to her story than she lets on. Hale told TV Line, “I knew from the beginning that she was literally running away from something, but I didn’t know what it was until partway through filming the season. But I knew it was bad enough for her to want to start a new life.”

DI Emily Baxter has a sticky relationship with Rose in ‘Ragdoll’

Audiences will come to respect Baxter for her headstrong demeanor and loyalty to Rose. She is one of Rose’s closest friends and partners. Having seen the toll the Cremation Killer case took on her partner, she refuses to let anyone use it against him.

According to Teixeira in an AMC video, Baxter and Rose’s relationship is “sticky” as they are incredibly attached to each other, but something between them goes unsaid. Ragdoll makes Baxter a strong female lead during the job but still harbors her own complex emotions she tries to deal with.

DC Nathan Rose is the crux of the series’ storyline and the main characters

Rose is the most fleshed-out character in Ragdoll, and the storyline centers around him. Compared to the other characters, he has been through the wringer. He goes through a mental break when the Cremation Killer goes free. Diagnosed with PTSD, Nathan’s moment of weakness while institutionalized sets forth the rest of the series.

In Ragdoll, Rose is the most troubled character who battles his past demons that come back to haunt him. In the AMC behind-the-scene video, Lloyd-Hughes explains, “he is a slightly tortured soul, who is unclear of what his direction is.”

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