Rainn Wilson Tells Billie Eilish To Get Over The Office

Self-isolation may have all of us acting weird, but at least it doesn’t come close to Rainn-Wilson-interviewing-Billie-Eilish weird. The two got together for a talk on his Instagram show, Hey There, Human, where he soon renamed the popstar “William Eyelash” and told her to move on from The Office, as reported by EW.

“I just finished watching The Office for a 15th time two days ago,” Billie Eilish admitted on the show. She’s been open about her Office fandom in the past, with her song My Strange Addiction featuring a handful of voice clips sampled from the iconic show. “Every time I hit that episode that says finale, I’m always like, goddamn it.” Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute through the show’s nine seasons, told her, “It’s time to move on to another show, really. Please!”

It’s a reaction he’s given to other Office fans before–and not just the famous ones. In a 2017 episode of Conan, the actor begged fans to stop tweeting him about The Office in-jokes years after the show ended (though he still occasionally posts them himself).

Billie Eilish managed to change his mind, however. After failing at a round of The Office trivia, Wilson challenged the singer to go and rewatch the show for the 16th time, so that she could do better in the next round.

The full interview can be watched on SoulPancake’s IGTV channel on Instagram.

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