Recapping Everything That Went Down In Shondaland In 2017

Where did we leave off? After ABC announced that all our favorite TGIT shows from Shondaland would return this fall (praise be!), it’s time to get back to Seattle Grace Grey Sloan Memorial, Station 19, and Middletown. Before we get caught up in all the drama these ABC fan-favorites will serve up this fall, let’s recap what happened on each show last season. If you are a hardcore Shondaland devotee, you know it’s difficult to recall every juicy, dramatic detail from last season because a lot went down. A LOT.

Of course, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to give your mind a much-needed refresher.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 14)

Season 14 picked up with the arrival of Owen’s missing sister: Megan. Things became complicated when Megan needed surgery and Meredith was the only one brave enough to attempt such a renegade operation. The surgery that, in the 300th episode, named our beloved Mer-Mer a Harper Avery winner at last.

After Megan began her recovery, she moved in with Riggs to start their new life out of state. We also saw Owen and Cristina Amelia briefly reunite when she was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. Season 14 also focused on Bailey as Chief (which, go Bailey!) and her mission to renovate the hospital whilst dealing with Ben’s decision to quit his residency and become a firefighter (Hello, Station 19). 

Meanwhile, Jo finally got back together with Alex, who miraculously side-stepped his problematic behavior from the past two seasons. Since love stories are intensely complicated on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s no surprise that Jo and Alex hit several bumps on their way down the aisle. Everything went to the crapper when Jo’s abusive husband Paul (Matthew Morrison) returned to torment her, although they managed to sign the divorce the papers. After closing that chapter for good, Jo was promoted to Chief Resident and a partner on Mer’s ground-breaking research project. Not to be outdone, Alex reunited with his mom, got re-engaged to Jo, and remained fiercely protective of his patients.

During the Season 14 finale, it was Jo and Alex’s wedding day at last! Things got complicated when Jo’s acceptance to a prestigious fellowship in Boston was revealed. Since both Justin Chambers and Camilla Luddington are sticking around next season, it’s likely the newlyweds will stay in Seattle after all.

What to expect this fall: The upcoming Season 15 (called a “season of love”) will include Teddy (Kim Raver), who’s expecting a baby! That should throw a major wrench in Owen and Amelia’s recently rekindled flirtation. Nashville and The O.C. alum Chris Carmack will join the hot docs at Grey Sloan Memorial as an “ortho God” according to ABC’s official description. Jeff Perry, fresh off his Scandal stint, returns as Mer’s dad, Thatcher. He’ll inspire Meredith to divulge in a medical mystery this season. 

Station 19 (Season 1)

After a season filled with steamy romances, the race for Station 19 captain, and an epic building fire, this Shondaland gem left the fates of all of our favorite fire-fighting heroes in limbo. Hopefully Season 2 will pick up with answers right away and we won’t lose too many faces.

The spinoff’s debut season began with Ben starting as a rookie at Station 19, mere blocks from Grey Sloan. We met his new coworkers: Andy, Jack, Vic, Travis, Dean, and Maya. Andy was vying for the captain position when she discovered her dad, Pruitt, was retiring after being diagnosed with cancer. If that wasn’t dramatic enough, Jack also competed for the captain gig, despite being head over heels in love with Andy. Talk about messy! 

After meddling in matters that had nothing to do with her, Vic focused on herself and proved herself to be an integral member of the Station 19 family. Meanwhile, Travis embarked on his first relationship after grieving the loss of his husband. 

During the season finale, Andy’s loyal BFF, Maya, hid her hearing loss from everyone while working with Vic to to help victims out of a burning skyscraper. Andy also put her job on the line when she defied the Chief’s orders and sent an off-limits elevator to save Jack and Dean (who stayed behind to save the remaining crew). Back at the station, Bailey and Ryan worked tirelessly to resuscitate an unconscious Pruitt.

So, while our panic attacks subsided by the time the credits rolled, we were left waiting on pins and needles to see who survives. (Shonda, stop doing this to us! Our feeble hearts can’t take it.)

What to expect this fall: Few details have been released about Season 2 of the firefighter drama. Code Black‘s Boris Kodjoe will recur as a seasoned firefighter with a mysterious past. His character will return to Seattle and bring new skills, new perspectives, and a different approach to the job. That leaves us with a burning question: Will this new character replace one of the original crew members of Station 19? If so, we are so not here for it.

How to Get Away With Murder (Season 4)

When we jumped back into the series in Season 4, Annalise had just fired the four remaining members of the Keating Five (we still miss you, Wes!) and Bonnie. While Bonnie blackmailed her way to work for DA Todd Denver in all his sketchiness, the rest of the gang applied for internships.

Michaela snagged a prestigious offer where her badass boss, Tegan, gifted her Louboutins! (Seriously, where do I sign up for a job like this?) Laurel, pregnant with Wes’ baby, tried to prove that Daddy Dearest was behind Wes’ murder. Knowing Michaela could get some dirty details through her internship, Laurel roped her in and built a case against Papa Castillo’s shady business deals. He was later arrested, and Laurel eventually got her son back and named him Christophe.

Dear Connor, who failed to secure an internship, broke up with Oliver ⏤ who wanted to marry him ⏤ and then dropped out of law school. But fret not! By the end of the season, #Coliver got back together and prepared for wedded bliss. 

The gang tried to move forward with Annalise, with an assist from an unemployed Conner, and worked on a class action lawsuit. Annalise faced an uphill battle with this case, leading her to take assistance from the fierce Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators to get it to the Supreme Court. 

Lastly, there was the painful demise of Asher and Michaela’s relationship. Asher learned Michaela cheated on him (with Scandal‘s Marcus), and it was game over. Somehow, Frank managed to get it together for the first time in his life. He now wants to go to law school and was last seen enrolling at Middletown, alongside a mysterious student named Gabriel Maddox.

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What to expect this fall: We can expect Sam Keating (Tom Verica) to return for a special flashback episode this year. Since HTGAWM promoted Amirah Vann to series regular, we can expect more badass Tegan moments as she hopefully continues to mentor Michaela. The looming mystery around Gabriel Maddox (and whose child he is) will be explored in depth through out the season. Timothy Hutton will also join the cast in a series-regular role, although details about his character have been kept under wraps.

Phew, that was quite the doozy! Now that you’re all caught up, mark your calendars for these Shondaland premieres.

Grey’s Anatomy returns September 27 with a two-hour premiere at 8/7c, followed by HTGAWM at 10/9c. Station 19 returns on October 4 at 9/8c to round out the fall TGIT lineup.

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