Remember what Little Mix – and these other acts – were called before The X Factor finals? Try our tricky quiz

Small wonder that many X Factor contestants have opted for a last-minute switch before appearing in live finals.

In the current run, Acacia and Aaliyah changed from A Star, while Vibe 5 became United Vibe.

Over the years some X Factor acts have seemingly changed on a whim, to come up with something more appropriate or memorable.

But many changed for legal reasons after finding their name is too similar to existing acts, products or companies.

And, of course, all this isn't unique to X Factor. There were some key changes back in the days of Popstars and Pop Idol, and in Britain’s Got Talent too.

But how many of the original names can YOU remember – or, okay, guess? There’s only one way to find out…

If you score full marks you're probably Simon Cowell – or, at least, a very big fan of Saturday night TV. But anything above five is pretty decent.

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