Results of the dramatic first Love Island coupling – and there was a huge twist

Love Island is officially underway – and the dramatic first coupling ceremony has taken place.

And of course, there was a huge twist.

On tonight’s debut of the ITV2 dating show, host Caroline Flack welcomed the new batch of single girls into the villa.

And just as she did last year, Caroline lined the girls up and brought the men in one by one.

Each time a guy is brought in front of the line-up, the girls have the chance to show their interest in him by stepping forward.

If just one girl steps forward, she couples up with her chosen boy, but if more than one girl steps forward, the choice is up to the boy.

And if no girls step forward, the boy has the power to choose which girl they’d like to couple up with. However, the coupling isn’t secure, and the girl can be stolen by another boy if she chooses to step forward for him.

Confused yet?

That’s not even the tricky part.

Caroline threw a massive spanner in the works once everyone was coupled up by bringing in a sixth boy, who has a whole 24 hours to get to know the girls and decide which one he wants to steal and couple up with.

Here’s the first line-up of Love Island couples…

Niall and Kendall

Niall was the first boy to enter the villa and stand in front of the girls to be judged.

Only Kendall chose to step forward, so they coupled up.

Wes and Laura

Wes and Laura may have ended up together, but it didn’t come easy.

Alex was the second boy into the villa and not one girl stepped forward for him.

The choice fell to him and he picked Laura, but they weren’t officially coupled up until the ceremony ended.

Wes was the third boy to enter the villa and Laura stepped forward for him.

Wes chose Laura and sent Alex to the subs bench.

Eyal and Hayley

Eyal was the fourth boy to enter the villa, and the most popular so far.

Dani, Samira and Hayley all stepped forward to show their interest in him.

He chose Hayley.

Jack and Dani

Jack was the fifth boy into the villa, and it seems he’s a popular lad too.

Both Dani and Samira stepped forward in the hope of being chosen.

He coupled up with Dani.

Alex and Samira

That brought Alex back from the subs bench to couple up with Samira .


A sixth boy, Adam , then arrived in the villa.

He was told that he has 24 hours to choose a girl to couple up with.

That means he has time to chat to all the girls and choose which one he wants to steal from one of the other boys.

His decision will be revealed on Tuesday night’s show.

* Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2

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