'RHONJ' Tea: Teresa Declares War on Jackie for Making Comments About Her Family

“Not a good move. Not a good move. Fire’s coming out of Teresa’s eyes,” Margaret says as she witnesses the debacle.

Teresa Giudice’s blood has been boiling ever since Jackie Goldschneider brought up husband Joe Giudice’s imprisonment — and on Wednesday’s "Real Housewives of New Jersey," the ladies finally duked it out.

Poor Margaret Josephs invited everyone to her home for a tranquil brunch, complete with face masks, but the event turned out to be anything but.

In chatting about Danielle Staub’s ridiculously over-the-top bachelorette party, Melissa Gorga made a comment about how husband Joe Gorga didn’t "allow" her to have male strippers at her bachelorette party. Dolores Catania, who’s been on Team Teresa this whole time, jumped in and accused Melissa of being "fake" scared of her husband, taking the conversation right back to what Jackie told Teresa: "Do you really think Melissa could control her husband’s emotions? I’m sorry, all due respect, but do you really feel like your husband would be in jail right now if you could control what he did?"

After listening to Dolores bash Melissa for a few minutes, Jackie stepped in to defend her friend, but Teresa wasn’t having it. "You just met her two minutes ago!" she shouted at Jackie.

"You’ve been here for five minutes. If you wanna make it to 10, I would shut it if I were you!" she continued. "This is my sister-in-law."

"Do you own her?" Jackie asked.

"How f–king dare you?!" Teresa shouted, prompting Jackie to ask her to "relax with the cursing."

"NO! I F–KING CURSE! YOU DON’T F–KING LIKE IT? TOO F–KING BAD!" Teresa fired back. Jackie calmly asked Teresa to talk to her "like a civilized human being," adding, "You don’t sound intelligent right now."

That only set Teresa off more. "You don’t go in between family!" she yelled, slamming her utensils against the table. Jackie tried to tell Teresa she was "talking about Melissa" and not about her, but it fell on deaf ears. Teresa reiterated, "Don’t talk about my family!"

"Then have the conversation in private!" Jackie shouted back.

Danielle interjected in an effort to defend Teresa, and while Teresa was grateful, she was upset her sister-in-law wasn’t the one stepping up. Danielle went on to call Jackie "really cocky."

"Danielle, shut up," Jackie later vented privately. "Sorry, but I’m not letting somebody like Danielle lecture me on relationships when she goes through fiancés like toilet paper."

After more back and forth with Teresa, Jackie shrugged her shoulders and said, "I still stand by my statement."

"Not a good move. Not a good move. Fire’s coming out of Teresa’s eyes," a fearful Margaret told the camera. The shouting continued until Teresa got up from the table and left without saying goodbye.

"As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with Melissa and Jackie," she later said. "They can stay up each other’s asses for all I care."

The next new episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" will air Sunday, December 30 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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