RHONJ's Teresa Giudice's party planner pal Elvira Grau sued by a furious mom for 'keeping $33K' from son's bar mitzvah

TERESA Giudice’s close party-planning pal, Elvira Grau, has been sued for allegedly keeping over $33,000 from a young boy’s bar mitzvah.

The upscale event specialist – who has appeared alongside her Bravo bestie on Real Housewives Of New Jersey – is reportedly facing legal action from the honoree’s furious single mom. 

New York City real-estate agent, Barrie Granito, claims that Elvira, 50, owes her $33,510, according to PageSix. 

The outlet said that Barrie paid the party-planner the five-figure amount to host her son’s bar mitzvah. 

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the large party has been canceled and Barrie alleges in the lawsuit that Elvira will not return the money. 

The party hostess has been the longtime owner of venue Space in Englewood, NJ. 

Teresa, 48, and the rest of her Housewives co-stars have been pictured there multiple times – with the space making a cameo on a past season of the Bravo series. 

More recently, Elvira opened up a new venue in Midtown NYC, named Space 54. 

According to the publication, Barrie claims that she booked Space 54 from Elvira in January 2019 for her son’s bar mitzvah. 

The angry mama bear told the outlet: “I knew that Elvira was known in New Jersey for creating exciting parties.

“So I made an appointment and had a hard-hat tour [while Space 54] was still being built. I got really excited.

“I signed a contract, and I left a deposit of $7,500 for a May 15, 2020 party,” Barrie alleged. 

Barrie states in the legal docs obtained by PageSix that “if Space 54 fails to comply… 

“Due to any event or act outside and beyond the scope of Space 54’s control, [venue] liability shall be limited to a refund of the deposit.”

The accuser also said she agreed to a $40,000 package which would include catering for 80 kids and 60 adults.

A DJ, full staff, entertainment – with games, dancers – tables, chairs, and a set-up for the party were all allegedly part of the agreement. 

Barrie told the publication that after “Elvira and I became very close,” she “didn’t really think about it” when she paid all of her deposits in cash. 

The single mother alleged she was “pressured” to pay over $33,000 in deposits early because the Elvira and her husband and business partner, Jim, were “broke.”

She went on to explain that after it became clear in March that their original May timeline would not be possible due to the global health crisis, the pair settled on a new date of October 23, 2020. 

Barrie claimed that Elvira offered up her New Jersey venue to the bash as the NYC location would still be closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

However, the real estate agent only wanted the Midtown location due to its “cool NYC disco vibe.” 

The mom said that this is when she requested a refund but claimed Elvira replied “let’s talk later” – although that allegedly never happened – and she has not heard from the planner “since July.”

She said after a “brief contact” in August, she has only has “dead silence” from Elvira. 

“I realized I’m not getting my money back,” Barrie stated to the outlet. 

Elvira’s attorney denied the allegations and said in a statement to the publication: “My clients have gone above and beyond to try and accommodate Ms. Granito. 

“They believe that any claims she’s making are baseless and will vigorously defend themselves.”

Elvira has posted several events in the past for her gal pal Teresa, and her New Jersey friends. 

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