RHOSLC star Whitney Rose claims co-star Lisa Barlow accused her and husband of being SWINGERS

REAL Housewives of Salt Lake City star Whitney Rose has claimed that her co-star Lisa Barlow accused her and husband Justin of being swingers.

In a clip for the second episode of the new Bravo series, Whitney gets emotional talking to her friend Heather Gay, and alleges Lisa "threatened to use rumors" against her.

The pair had had an argument over the behavior of Lisa's bartenders, and Whitney alleged: "After the party [Lisa] calls me immediately and she proceeded to tell me 'do not come after her entities,' then she threatened to use rumors that she had heard about me against me.

"Lisa accused me of being a swinger.

"In her mind, how could they possibly be that close as friends and not be swingers?"

Whitney continued: "Utah has a history of plural mariage and there is a huge swinger community, and it make me feel like…"

"She has something on you ," concluded Heather.

"It bugs me that she is trying to attack my reputation and character, I am so used to being judged for who I am, I take a lot of s**t," shared the mom of two.

Whitney married her former boss, after the pair fell in love.

But their infidelty led to her being excommunciated from the mormon church, and it's only been in recent months that her family have begun speaking to her again.

The pair have two children, Bobbie and Brooks, and Justin has several children from his previous marriage.

The new Bravo series has shocked fans with the controversial cast, which includes Mary Cosby, who married her step-grandfatther.

Housewives fans lost it when the cast bios for the highly-anticipated new spinoff, RHOSLC, were released with Mary’s unique family ties mentioned in hers.  

"Mary is a Pentecostal First Lady who inherited her family’s empire of churches, restaurants and more,” the description started. 

It then revealed the bombshell: “The caveat in her taking over the family business was that she marry her late grandmother’s second husband, Robert Cosby Sr. 

“They have since been married for 20 years and have one teenage son together.”

“I think that’s Mary’s story to tell. I mean, religion, culture, it plays a lot into our choices and I think it plays a lot into Mary’s, and I think she’s the only person that can tell her story,” Lisa previously said of Mary.

In addition to Whitney, Mary and Lisa, RHOSLC will star Jen Shah, Heather Gay, and Meredith Marks

The women are all "fueled by beauty, wealth and perfection,” as well as their respective religions.

The Mormon Church is “what Salt Lake City is most known for,”  but only some of them associate with Mormonism.

Mary is Pentecostal, and Jen”converted to Islam.”


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