Rick and Morty theories: Fans tip Evil Morty death after season 4B premiere

Never Ricking Morty baffled fans with a hilarious ride through story structure parody and meta deconstruction. Although the high concepts confused some Rick and Morty fans, other Adult Swim viewers have waded through the chaos to create some intriguing theories.

With the surreal and acclaimed adult cartoon series taking a long break between seasons for the first time, the second half of Rick and Morty’s fourth season was one of May’s most anticipated TV events.

Although the new episode, Never Ricking Morty, stayed true to Rick and Morty’s nihilistic comedic style, its high concepts and introspection went over the heads of some fans.

Part anthology, part Snowpiercer parody, the deranged Rick and his hopeless adolescent grandson Morty (both played by Justin Roiland) find themselves trapped on a locomotive literary device.

Seemingly throwing several overarching plots out the window, episode six seemed to mock the very idea of cartoon canon, as well as the fans who take theories like this a little too seriously.


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Co-creators’ Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s cynical jabs at their own audience haven’t stopped Rick and Morty fans from taking to the discussion forums to propose what the latest episode means for the rest of the series.

With an additional 60 episodes confirmed by Adult Swim following the conclusion of season four, many fans are convinced at least some recurring concepts and characters will eventually make a reappearance.

In addition to cameos from Birdperson (Dan Harmon) and Tammy (Cassie Steele), the evil, eye-patched version of Morty (dubbed Evil Morty by fans) appeared at the head of an overwhelming army in one non-canon cutaway.

Although his brief appearance in the sardonic segment of the episode seemed to confirm Dan and Justin are reluctant to bring back the much teased primary antagonist, some fans are convinced Evil Morty will eventually return.

However, his reappearance will undoubtedly come with major caveats in true Rick and Morty fashion.

One fan posted: “I’m starting to think Evil Morty is going to be discarded because he is the definition of overarching suspense.

“We’re all waiting for him to do something but to be honest Rick will probably just kill him.”

Evil Morty being built up over the strenuous course of several seasons, only to be casually killed off by Rick, definitely falls in line with the irreverent style fans have come to expect from the series.

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Subsequently, another viewer proposed the opposite course of action: “Or.. just to show ‘nothing matters’ the Evil Morty is gonna kill Rick… anything can happen..the creators are so unpredictable.”

It would be a dark twist of fate for Rick to eventually be killed by his own grandson, even if Evil Morty does come from a different dimension.

When one viewer suggested the episode provided some revealing foreshadowing for the rest of the season, yet another fan illustrated the divisive nature of the show by arguing the scenes were anything but.

They said: “There was no foreshadowing, it was literally the creators saying ‘we’re not doing any of that stuff so don’t expect it’. All of those plot points are gonna be discarded or gotten rid of.”


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However, other fans seem to recall Dan and Justin confirming Evil Morty would return to the series in some capacity.

After cheating his way to the top position of the inter-dimensional Citadel, it seems unlikely this will be the last viewers see of the enigmatic antagonist.

Season four still has four episodes remaining, so fans are buckling in for even more surreal surprises from the unpredictable animated comedy.

Rick and Morty continues Sundays on Adult Swim and Thursdays on E4.

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