Rick and Morty theories: Rick killed Evil Morty in enormous shock twist

Rick and Morty (both played by Justin Roiland) started off as just a simple space adventurers back in season one. After a number of unbelievable situations, viewers were then introduced to the Council of Ricks. The Council of Ricks head up a society made up completely of Rick and Mortys from different dimensions, who all live in The Citadel.

The seemingly infinite amount of Ricks and Mortys has bred a huge amount go culture within the species – as demonstrated in season three’s Tales from the Citadel.

During these Citadel-centric episodes the presence of Evil Morty was focussed upon – a malevolent character who transcended the intelligence of Rick.

Evil Morty has always been one step ahead of the Council of Ricks and even gained a presidency in season three.

But fans of the franchise will know Evil Morty is part robot – as shown off in the episode which he started wearing an eye-patch.


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With this in mind, viewers have begun speculating that, in order for Evil Morty to have been upgraded into a robot, he would have needed Rick’s help.

Reddit user Doc-Shadi recently speculated that, although Evil Morty would have needed assistance, he may not have opted for it at first.

They wrote on the forum: “If Evil Morty is Rick’s old Morty, then maybe Evil Morty died at Rick’s hands?”

While Rick and Morty have never truly seen eye-to-eye, but Rick has always had a soft stop for his grandson.

If he were to accidentally see his grandson being killed off, would he have repaired him?

The fan continued: “Forcing Rick to bring him back to life as a reprogrammed cyborg?

“Just a thought. I know Ricks don’t necessarily care for Mortys, but I think that’s what makes C-137 different.”

This is certainly a possibility, as Morty would not have been able to excel so far in his life without Rick’s help.

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But will Rick eventually have to kill off Evil Morty to finish what he started, and save the universe?

Meanwhile, fans of the show have begun pointing out a huge issue in the Pickle Rick episode of season three.

Pointing out an inaccuracy in the episode, one fan on Reddit explained Rick finished a scene in one place, while starting the next in another spot.

They said: “When Pickle Rick is waiting for the elevator to arrive, he is standing on the first floor tile directly in front of the elevator door.


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“Once the elevator door opens, he is suddenly standing several floor tiles away from the door.”

While it could be argued Rick moved quickly with his newly-found pickle powers, it certainly is hard to believe he moved that fast.

Thankfully, the episode didn’t display any situations like this again.

Rick and Morty season 4 will return to Adult Swim and E4 in 2020.

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