Ricky Gervais says he would host Oscars if he was allowed to mock celebrities but fears it would go ‘terribly’ – The Sun

RICKY Gervais has revealed he would be keen to host the Oscars one year, but thinks it would go "terribly".

Ricky, 58, who has fronted the Golden globes five times, would take the reins for the Academy Awards but doesn't think bosses would let him do it his way.

Asked during an interview with GQ Hype magazine if he would consider the Oscars, he replied: "No… Yes, but they would never ask me. Because I’d never do it on their terms.

"Now, if they said you can say what you want, that would really be tempting. And I know it would go terribly!

"I know the future. I know how badly it would go! And I still might do it," the funnyman added.

During his opening monologue for this year's 77th Golden Globes, Ricky made a rather controversial speech which saw the host take aim at Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and "woke" Hollywood.

Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, and Gwyneth Paltrow were left with stunned looks on their faces as Ricky mocked Felicity Huffman over the college admission scandal, branded James Corden a "massive p****" and ripped Judi Dench for "licking" her own private parts in his eight-minute speech.

But award ceremonies aside, The Office star is now preparing for the release of the second series of his Netflix smash After Life, which lands on April 24.

Revealing there could be a third series in the works, he said: "Yeah, this is the first time I want to do a third series of anything I’ve ever done.

"The world’s too rich. I don’t have to go over old ground. There’s ten characters [in After Life] who could be the lead in something."

He continued: "The first [series] was establishing a central character going through the world almost as if it’s a video game.

"Now there’s lots of 'meanwhiles'. It’s like Springfield or something. The Springfield of grief!"

Speaking about Netflix, Ricky added: "[They] don’t interfere at all… and they pay well, so it’s a no-brainer. But they’re not a charity. If people didn’t watch it, they wouldn’t let me do it again."

Commenting on the current coronavirus pandemic, Ricky said it has given him a slight change in outlook.

"I will say also, I sort of feel a social responsibility. I do feel that more. Like, I want to do stuff. I’m tweeting more. I’m being more positive," he explained.

"I want to be… I mean, I’m not going to be the Vera Lynn, but do you know what I mean, though?

"I think I feel like I want to do something to help as opposed to just sneer."

Read the full interview with Ricky online at GQ Hype.


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