Riverdale blunder: Major error in The CW show’s opening credits exposed – did you spot it?

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The fifth season of The CW’s hit high school series is also on its way to Netflix after it was confirmed Riverdale has bounced back from coronavirus delays. However, following some major continuity blunders and editing mistakes, the series will have to try extra hard to get back into fans’ good books when it returns next year. 

The fourth season of the popular high school drama left several plot threads dangling after production was shut down by the coronavirus pandemic.

After the horrific death of Principal Honey (played by Kerr Smith) in the makeshift season finale, fans have been waiting for months to see the mystery resolved. 

Riverdale season five is expected to be a game-changing entry in the series, as showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed the story will be jumping ahead seven years. 

However, there’s still the matter of the high school prom to attend to, as well as the still unknown identity of the sinister videotape killer.

With Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and the gang hoping to return to screens at the beginning of next year, fans have been reflecting on all the messy drama that came before. 

Season four has taken some bemusing turns so far as the mystery of Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) supposed murder unfolded. 

A significant portion of the audience was let down when Jughead actually survived his ordeal in Stonewall Prep, thanks to some quick-thinking by his girlfriend Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart). 

Unfortunately, slip-ups like this are par for the course for Riverdale, and fans have come to love and expect the constant mishaps and craziness as the series continues. 

Riverdale’s often clumsy production was evidenced all the way back in the first season, which began in October 2017. 

Some attuned fans noticed there was an embarrassing oversight in one of the first Riverdale episodes.

In episode seven, In a Lonely Place, the investigation into the murder of Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines) hit a speed bump when a key piece of evidence was destroyed.

Unfortunately, the tense mystery was undercut but a strange mistake in the series’ opening credits.

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One fan took to online forums when they noticed this particularly baffling editing error. 

They said: “Marisol Nichols is listed twice in the opening credits, while Madelaine Petsch isn’t listed at all.”

Nichols is known for playing the mother of Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), Hermione.

Apparently, one of the show’s editors thought her performance was so impressive she deserved to be credited twice in the opening moments of episode seven.

Unfortunately, this left her co-star Madelaine Petsch on the wayside, despite playing a significant role throughout the first season as Jason’s twin sister, Cheryl. 

Thankfully, Petsch has remained a principal member of the main cast and has since not been neglected by Riverdale’s opening credits. 

With Nichols set to leave the series alongside her co-star Skeet Ulrich, fans are keen to see how the young cast shape up in season five without their parents around.

Riverdale season 5 will be released in January 2021 on The CW and Netflix.

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