Riverdale cancelled: Will Riverdale be cancelled?

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The CW’s Riverdale launched in 2017 and brought a new contender to the oversaturated teen genre. However, the show – which was a fresh take on characters from the classic Archie Comics – made huge waves with its gripping murder mystery amid a high school setting. The show continues to go strong and will be entering its fifth series but could the end be in sight for this well-loved show?

Will Riverdale be cancelled?

At the time of writing, Riverdale has not been cancelled.

Whether the show will be renewed for season six remains to be seen and this will be dependent on how well the fifth outing does.

However, according to figures from CasinoCountdown, which has compiled a Series Survival Scorecard, Riverdale is among the shows most likely to be canned.

Riverdale has an 84 percent chance of having the plug pulled on it and a 16 percent likelihood of being renewed.

The data was pulled together from various sources including Google Trends, IMDb and SEO tool Ahrefs.

Other factors were taken into consideration such the number of award nominations and wins, how many seasons the show ran for and how many episodes, among other things.

These data points were then compared to existing popular shows which fell int the same genre as a barometer.

But Riverdale isn’t the only show in the firing line with The Witcher and The Umbrella Academy coming in at 87 percent and You at 81 percent.

The stats suggested Netflix shows were 41 percent more likely to be cancelled than others.

But this doesn’t mean other series are safe with Fear The Walking Dead given an 84 percent chance of cancellation and the BBC’s Death in Paradise coming in at 74 percent.

Content manager at CasinoCountdown Kay Jones told Express.co.uk: “It’s surprising to see that Netflix staple series Riverdale and Starz’s Outlander face a high risk of cancellation given their large fanbases, but it just goes to show that shows often start to lose their appeal after the first few seasons despite a strong start.

“Certainly in Riverdale’s case there’s plenty of critics online regarding the convoluted storylines and bizarre twists, while Outlander fans may be growing wary of the historical drama now that we’re over 60 episodes in.

“The fact that they both have prevalent romantic elements that are pivotal to the storylines might not help their longevity either.”

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However, these figures are simply a projection of how long Riverdale and other shows could go on for.

Riverdale remains a huge popular series the world over with fans eagerly awaiting the return of Archie Andrews (played by KJ Apa) for season five, which is slated to be out in 2021.

The show’s approval rating on reviews’ aggregator Rotten Tomatoes shows only a marginal drop over the seasons.

Both seasons one and two are 88 percent fresh while three and four are 84 percent fresh, suggesting Riverdale is still going strong.

Given Riverdale remains so successful, a cancellation would be quite a shock and The CW would be thinking long and hard before axing the show.

In fact, Riverdale got an early renewal for season five in January 2020, showing just how popular the show was among viewers.

Another factor worth noting, in the age of streaming platforms – international viewing figures and how a show performs on a video-on-demand service could now be taken into account in terms of renewals, particularly if they prove profitable for American broadcasters.

For now, fans can rest assure Riverdale isn’t going anywhere despite the plotlines getting increasingly complex.

Riverdale season 5 will be airing on The CW and Netflix UK in 2021

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