Riverdale: Mädchen Amick teases Alice, FP bedroom scene on CW drama

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Alice Cooper is one of the many delights among the parents on Riverdale, and the actress who plays her, Mädchen Amick, feels the same way, citing Alice as one of her favorite characters she’s ever played.

“She’s bats— crazy,” Amick recently told PeopleTV while sitting down on the Couch Surfing sofa. “The way that she takes these sharp turns is always very challenging for me as an actor, so it’s fun to play her.”

Amick teased one of the most anticipated moments ever for her character, which fans caught a glimpse of in the season 3 teaser trailer: the bedroom pairing of Alice and FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich). “We finally have a ‘Falice’ moment, and there may be a few more moments on their way,” Amick said. “We got to see both FP and Alice’s Serpent tattoos. The fans were all trying to figure out where they were on Alice Cooper, and I was like, ‘Well, clearly it’s somewhere you haven’t seen.’ So I put it just right here on my hip/thigh.”

The actress also hinted at the general tenor of the season and what fans can expect from Riverdale this year. “It has a really creepy, kind of True Detective-feel to it,” she said. “You see the history of the parents a lot. There’s a flashback episode where all of the younger actors play the parents as them younger. So Lili [Reinhart] got to play Alice as a teenager, so that’s fun.”

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