Riverdale writers clap back after Mr. Chipping actor slams show for lack of depth after his character’s killed off – The Sun

RIVERDALE alum Sam Witwer slammed the show for lacking depth after his character Mr. Chipping was killed off, and he had “no idea” why.

Writers of the CW show clapped back at the actor, implying he might’ve been the reason for the character’s departure.

The 42-year-old played Rupert Chipping, a teacher at Stonewall Prep, in five season 4 episodes of Riverdale last year.

His character died in a November Riverdale episode, titled “Chapter Sixty-Three: Hereditary,” by, seemingly out of nowhere, turning away from his students to run and jump out of a glass window.

While speaking with io9 recently, Sam said of his abrupt exist: “As for why that character jumps out a window, I have no idea.

“But I read the script and laughed. I was like, ‘Right, of course. Of course he does.’

“I’d love to say I had deep thoughts about the whole thing, but I don’t think that’s really the way they work over there.”

It wasn’t until last month that Riverdale fans discovered why Mr. Chipping did what he did, which was because he felt extreme guilt over not being able to help out Jughead (Cole Sprouse), driving him to jump to his death.

Sam added: “I was a little bit relieved when I saw my character jumping out the window. I don’t have to wonder anymore whether I’m being made to look like a…

“Because I can’t. Maybe I’m just not a good enough actor, but I can’t do my job if I don’t know what’s going on.”

Once the Riverdale writers got wind of the actor slamming their character direction and writing, as well as claiming they don’t care much about the show inciting “deep thoughts,” they blasted him right back.

The writers room tweeted: “Mystery Solved: It’s because everyone wanted to PUSH you out the window, Sam. Stay classy and safe.”


The Archie Comics’ spinoff series, Katy Keene, jumped in on the fight, with its writers room tweeting: “When you come after one of us, you come after all of us. #Riverdalestrong #Archiverseunited.”

Riverdale returns with new season 4 episodes on Wednesday, April 15 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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