Ross Kemp’s Millennium Dome Heist viewers mock ‘insane’ diamond robbery

Ross Kemp had viewers entertained tonight with his documentary on the Millennium Dome Heist, where robbers went to great efforts of trying to steal a huge diamond – without realising it was fake. 

The former EastEnders actor took viewers back down memory lane – and introduced others to the wild story – about the group of cunning thieves who orchestrated a plot to steal £350 million worth of DeBeers diamonds from the heart of the Millennium Dome before it became the O2 Arena. 

During the ITV doc, Ross met Steve, one of the firearms officers who was tasked with infiltrating the raid in November 2000. 

‘Effectively everyone’s relying on you to be the ones to go up there and arrest them – and if you fail in that, it’s down to you,’ Steve recalled adding that the government, including the home secretary, were made aware of the heist which police had tracked for months in a covert mission. 

Still stunned by the plan, Steve said: ‘It’s kind of like out of a movie,’ while viewers compared it to a plot out of Ocean’s 11 or James Bond. 

Eventually, two of the thieves managed to smash through the Dome on a JCB tractor and hacked through the glass that was made to withstand an attack for 30 minutes. 

However the special police unit managed to interrupt their plan and made arrests within minutes. 

The robbers had planned to get away on a speedboat parked just outside the Millennium Dome and, even more surprisingly, signed off the hire as: ‘Mr T Diamond,’ planting easy breadcrumbs for the police.

Earlier, Ross revealed how they even lost the keys to one of their getaway vehicles.

Viewers couldn’t quite get over the best part of the documentary which came at the end – Ross revealed that the real multi-million pound diamonds were actually swapped out for fake ones by DeBeers and the robbers, of course, had no clue. 

Ross even noted that the JCB tractor was ‘probably worth more than the fake diamonds’.

Completely unaware of the heist, one chimed in: ‘The #MillenniumDomeHeist documentary was brilliant – I had no idea this even happened!’ 

Ross Kemp’s Millennium Dome Heist is available to watch on ITV Hub. 

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