Ryan Knight's death confirmed on Hollyoaks as his body is discovered

Last week’s E4 episode of Hollyoaks produced a jaw-dropping cliffhanger: did Ryan Knight meet his watery end or has he survived?

Viewers were simply left uncertain.

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In a rather metaphorical manner, tonight’s E4 first-look ep of Hollyoaks opened with modern headbanger ‘Monster’ by The Automatic. It accompanied a shot of Harry waking up in the morning – being notified that the police are looking for him.

This of course, follows the events of last week which saw Harry leave Ryan in the fast-flowing river begging to be saved. Was this a monstrous act of murder, or just cold hard justice?

It seems revenge is a dish best served cold AND wet, as tonight’s episode finally confirmed that Ryan’s body was found. Dead.

Here are some reactions circling around Twitter.

Last week, Duncan James (who plays Ryan on the show) posted this on his Instagram page, seemingly confirming the news himself before tonight’s broadcast:

“Thankyou to every single person who I’ve worked with, and hung out with during my 2 years @hollyoaksofficial. It’s honestly the BEST soap of them all with amazing storylines and a wonderful cast and crew. You guys all made me feel so welcome and I will never forget the love and support from you all.

“I will miss you Dearly but happy #ryanKnight finally got his comeuppance!! Hope you all enjoyed his final scene. Thanks to all the #hollyoakes#fans for embracing me and putting up with #ryry <3 u all. Duncan x”.

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