Ryan Paevey Welcomes Maxie's Baby To The 'General Hospital' World, 'Naxie' Fans Miss Nathan's Presence

Maxie delivered her baby boy during Monday’s ‘General Hospital,’ and ‘Naxie’ fans won’t want to miss what Ryan Paevey, ex-Nathan, posted about the event on social media.

General Hospital fans of Maxie and Nathan were thrilled a while back when the two worked through some prior issues and learned they were pregnant. Unfortunately, this excitement turned to heartbreak when actor Ryan Paevey decided that he was going to leave GH to pursue other roles. Maxie gave birth to a baby boy during Monday’s show, and Paevey welcomed his “son” via social media.

As everybody saw during Monday’s show, Maxie delivered her baby, her first with deceased husband Nathan, on the side of the road with Peter’s help. Viewers hope that Maxie can simply embrace her new son and have some drama-free bonding time, even though General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show hint that Maxie might be facing a crisis over the baby already.

Ryan Paevey took to Twitter a few hours after Maxie’s on-screen delivery to welcome the little guy to the world. The post reads as if Nathan wrote it, and it says that he wishes he could have been there for the baby boy’s arrival. In addition, the post notes that the baby’s mother loves him and will take care of him. At the end of the tweet, Paevey “asked” the baby to watch out for his mama on his behalf.

Paevey’s post got “Naxie” fans feeling emotional, as they all wish that Nathan had been the one with Maxie as their son came rather than Peter. Many felt that the tweet was the sweetest thing ever, and some General Hospital fans are noting that this is an occasion that should perhaps prompt a ghostly return by Nathan. So far, there is no indication that Ryan has returned to the GH set to film anything like that, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at some point.

When the character of Nathan was killed off a few months ago, many fans speculated that he might still be alive and faking his death to keep him safe. Paevey explained that it was his decision to leave, and the scenes showing a ghostly Nathan with a ghostly Georgie should have cemented the idea that Nathan truly died. Despite that, General Hospital “Naxie” fans are still aching for the show to find a way to bring Nathan back alive.

Ryan did decide of his own accord to move on to try other things, and actress Kirsten Storms has previously shared that she thinks the decision came after the writers made Maxie pregnant. The timing was unfortunate, and viewers are hesitant to see any kind of love story develop for a still-grieving Maxie, especially if it involves Peter. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the Peter situation is blowing up this week and this will definitely have an impact on Maxie.

What comes next for Maxie and her baby boy? How will the show honor Nathan as the family moves forward? General Hospital spoilers detail that there is plenty of good stuff on the way and fans will not want to miss where it all heads next.

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