Ryan Reynolds Sings Your Favorite 'Annie' Song While Dressed as a Unicorn on Korean TV

The “Deadpool 2” star crushes “Tomorrow” while a panel tries to guess what Hollywood star is under the mask.

Ryan Reynolds is in full promotional mode for "Deadpool 2," and he’s proven over the years that when it comes to promoting the Merc with a Mouth, there is little he won’t do — like singing a Broadway classic behind a unicorn mask on Korean television.

The movie star made one of his most ridiculous public appearances yet while donning the goofy mask and a cape to belt out "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie" while appearing on a show where a panel tried to guess what Hollywood star was performing for them. Guesses ranged from Jake Gyllenhaal to Donald Trump. One man dogged him by saying he couldn’t be a Broadway performer because the performance was so flat, but another guy totally figured him out.

"He’s wearing the exact same shoes and jeans he was wearing when he entered Korea," the man declared. That’s right, Ryan Reynolds was outed for failing to secure a costume change or find a longer cape.

Honestly, even though he declared himself "in the top five worst singers in the universe," we were kind of impressed with Reynolds’ pipes. What he lacked in an exciting stage presence he made up for with pitch. Dude was in tune throughout that song, or he got a very generous edit.

"I have never in my life been on stage singing in front of anyone," Reynolds said after. When asked if he’d been nervous to sing, Reynolds joked, "Yes, absolutely. I’m wearing an adult diaper."

As for that adorable unicorn face? "This mask is much easier to wear than the Deadpool mask. This is a breeze," Reynolds said. "I’m gonna take this home with me."

Here’s hoping Deadpool finds himself without his proper costume at some point in "Deadpool 3" and winds up donning this mask instead. Deadcorn? Unipool?

"Deadpool 2" opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, May 18.

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