Saira Khan's mum didn't speak to her eight months over naked photoshoot

Loose Women star Saira Khan’s family stopped speaking to her after she posed for a naked photoshoot, she has revealed.

The TV star posed nude with only a white sheet covering her body for OK! magazine last year.

While Saira found the experience empowering, members of her family were ‘ashamed’, with her own mother not speaking to her for eight months.

‘It really upset me. It upset my family, it upset my children,’ she revealed on Tuesday’s Loose Women.

‘On my 50th birthday my mum was not going to phone me up and talk to me because she said, “You have brought shame on the family”. There are members of my family that still don’t talk to me because I did that cover shoot.

‘They’re embarrassed and they think that I’ve let a lot of people down. But I didn’t let myself down.’

She continued: ‘I didn’t let myself down, I am embracing my body and there is nothing wrong with being confident and having the self-esteem to do what you want to do in life.’

‘I was brought up in an environment where a woman and her body is seen as a source of shame and guilt.

‘I’ve had it all my life and see it around the world still. Women are being killed because they embrace their bodies in a public way and it’s seen as dishonouring the family.

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‘I felt I broke that cycle for myself and for my children. If you love me as a member of your family then grow with me.

‘I put it off for a long time and it was really scary to do but I felt I had to break that cycle.’

Saira eventually did speak to her mum on her 50th birthday this year after her son Zach phoned his gran.

The Dancing On Ice star went on: ‘Nadia [Sawalha] phoned me and I got really upset. My kids were listening then unbeknownst to me, my son phoned my mum and said, “Nanny you have to phone my mum she’s upset”. She said, “She has brought shame” and then Zach said, “She hasn’t brought shame she’s trying to help women”.

‘I couldn’t believe that I’m bringing up a young boy that sees women as strong individuals.

‘She did phone half an hour later and I think she realised, “I’m gonna lose my daughter and grandson and I’m not prepared to do that”.’

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