Sarah Jessica Parker, Orlando Bloom Share Photos of the 'Once in a Lifetime' Christmas Star

Sarah Jessica Parker is showing love for another special star.

On Monday evening, the 55-year-old actress, like many others across the globe, took in the beauty of the "Christmas Star," a planetary conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that took place on the winter solstice.

Posting an image on Instagram of a dark skyline with a small white dot seen in the middle of an otherwise cloudy sky, Parker wrote about the "once in a lifetime" occurrence, saying, "I'm confident. Jupiter and Saturn. As if one. Not for another 800 hundred years. Galileo."

The actress then added, "And now us. If not for my husband, I would have been at Gristedes. X, SJ."

In the comments section of her social media post, an array of fans shared their excitement about the nighttime phenomenon, with one user writing, "I’m looking up too! ✨," as another said, "Stunning view! 😍❤️."

Skywatchers across the globe looked to the stars above on Monday night to see the two planets light up the night sky.

Planets appearing to pass each other in the solar system is a regular occurrence — Jupiter and Saturn are aligned in the sky about once every 20 years, according to NASA — but this year, the two planets passed closer than they have in nearly 400 years, just a tenth of a degree apart. And for the first time in nearly 800 years, their alignment happened at night.

The history of the phenomenon dates back to the "Great Conjunction" of 1623 when Jupiter caught up to and passed Saturn as they both traveled across the sky, per NASA.

"You can imagine the solar system to be a racetrack, with each of the planets as a runner in their own lane and the Earth toward the center of the stadium," Henry Throop, astronomer in the Planetary Science Division at NASA, said in a statement ahead of the Monday night conjunction. "From our vantage point, we’ll be able to see Jupiter on the inside lane, approached Saturn all month and finally overtaking it on Dec. 21."

And while the "Great conjunction" event may occur every 20 years, Saturn and Jupiter won’t appear quite this close again until 2080.

Similar to Parker, Orlando Bloom also documented his time searching for the "Christmas star" on Instagram alongside his fiancée, Katy Perry.

Sharing images of his hi-tech star viewing setup, the 43-year-old actor posted pictures he captured of the event alongside Perry, 36.

"It’s called The Great Conjunction seen the closest since July 16th 1623 only 14 years after the first telescope was invented," Bloom wrote alongside his post. "As seen here, taken by my iPhone thru this real big telescope 🔭."

He added: "Also – the moon cos I managed to get a great shot…Also – my moon looking at the moon #stargazing just a reminder of how tiny we are in the great scheme of things 🪐🌗💫."

In the comments section of his post, his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, left a sweet message for Bloom and Perry. "You guys are too cute!!! 🥰💖🥰."

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