‘Saturday Night Live’ Opens With Dueling Joe Biden-Donald Trump Town Halls: “Mr. Rogers” Vs. “Crazy Uncle”

The opener of Saturday Night Live was a skewering of the competing town halls between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

It was an easy target: There was an outcry earlier this week when NBC scheduled a town hall with Trump against one already planned on ABC with Biden. But Savannah Guthrie, moderating the NBC News event, earned widespread praise for pressing Trump with questions and followups.

Kate McKinnon, playing Guthrie, opened by saying, “Good evening America. I am surprise badass Savannah Guthrie, and if you are angry at NBC for doing this town hall, just let me get a few questions in, and I think you will thank me.”

Jim Carrey returned as Biden, this time boring his audience with long-winded answers and a genteel demeanor that had him eventually putting on a sweater, ala Mr. Rogers. Alec Baldwin returned as Trump, mispronouncing Guthrie’s name (“Serengetti,” “Santana”) and refusing to denounce QAnon and conspiracy theories.

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“You mean the group that thinks Democrats are a cabal of Satan worshiping pedophiles, that I am their Messiah? I don’t know anything about them,” Trump said.

“Yes you do Mr. President,” Guthrie says.

“Well, I do know that they are against pedophilia and I agree with that. If anyone is against pedophiles, it is me, the man who was close personal friends with one of the most famous pedophiles on earth,” he responded. Rest in power, Jeffrey.”

That was a reference to Jeffrey Epstein.

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