SEAL Team fans expose glaring plot hole with Full Metal and Jason ties More experience

Seal Team: Paramount releases season 5 episode teaser

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After initially premiering on CBS, the military drama SEAL Team made the move to Paramount Network before season five came to a close in January. Despite the finale, fans have highlighted a glaring plot hole with Scott ‘Full Metal’ Carter’s (played by Scott Fox) ties to Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz).

Full Metal was introduced to viewers in season one and frequently appeared throughout the series as the Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator of the Bravo Team.

As well as his respected rank, Full Metal was also the Alpha Team’s leader and later joined the Bravo team in season two.

This transfer came after Clay Spenser (Max Theriot) became severely injured during an explosion in the Philippines.

As a headstrong and courageous soldier, Full Metal took his duty to defend the country seriously and was prepared to risk his life for his teammates.

With his expertise in the field and as a leader, fans noticed a plot hole from season four, which didn’t add up.

Taking to Reddit, Maddg64 asked: “How come Full Metal didn’t become B1 when Jason was out at the start of season 4? Wouldn’t he have more experience running a team over Thirty Mike after being A1?”

At the beginning of season four Michael ‘Thirty Mike’ Chen (Tim Chiou) took over after Jason’s brief hiatus from the team, this was a controversial decision considering their difficult history.

In season three when Thirty Mike first made an appearance as a member of the SEAL Team, he and Jason often clashed.

Jason despised his attitude and the arguments showed no signs of improving, so an unimpressed Jason transferred Thirty Mike to the Charlie Team.

IronVolt545 agreed with the Reddit post: “Yeah, Metal would have been a 100% better at leading Bravo Team. Not to mention, he was Alpha 1 on Alpha team back in Season 1. Plus he’s not a cocky jerk like Thirty Mike.”

However, Captainklaus remained confused at Full Metal’s ranking and asked: “Full Metal going from A1 to B7 was never explained, and doesn’t really make sense.”

Thankfully this was cleared as Professional_spray 14 responded: “Clay boy was blown up and taken back to US for treatment, so Metal became B7 before Clay was cleared to operate.”

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Jason eventually made his highly-anticipated return to the Bravo Team to help resume Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) who had been taken in as a prisoner overseas.

Although he decided on a permanent return, Jason had also been battling ongoing headaches and memory loss as a result of 20 years on the field.

Towards the end of season four, the team were back in the midst of action and found themselves outnumbered.

Things got worse when Full Metal got injured during the mission to take down a group of militants in Nigeria.

While the rest of the team continued on the mission, Jason and Carter returned to the US with Full Metal where he was going to be treated.

At the hospital, it was revealed he had several wounds but the injuries weren’t severe and he regained consciousness.

However, in the season four finale, fans learned Full Metal died during surgery and he had left a letter for the Bravo Team, where he explained how much he saw them as family.

Despite ending on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, season six has yet to be confirmed.

SEAL Team seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Paramount Plus

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