SEAL Team season 5: Ray to sabotage North Korea mission after huge promo clue?

SEAL Team: Sneak peak released ahead of season five

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After an interesting finale, SEAL Team has returned to CBS for a fifth instalment and the Bravo team are on an important mission across the world Asia. Ahead of the release of the second episode a teaser clip was released featuring a key scene which saw Ray Perry (played by Neil Brown Jr) and Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) have a tense disagreement.

In the recent episode of SEAL Team, viewers watched as the military group were deployed in North Korea on a top-secret mission.

Unfortunately, things started to take a turn for the worse and in the snippet video, it looks as though this mission could bring Ray and Jason’s friendship to a halt.

The promo vid showed the men dressed in full gear as Jason was assigning them their roles and positions for the mission.

When he got to Ray, the Bravo Team leader assigned him to Overwatch where he would be the eyes of the team.

“Overwatch,” Ray said in disbelief, “yeah overwatch,” Jason confirmed.

As they were across the room from each other, Ray approached the Bravo leader and asked: “Do you regret having me here?”

Jason asked: “Excuse me?” to which he responded: “I feel like you’re second-guessing some of my involvement.”

“Your involvement is the reason why we’re even attempting this op,” said Jason.

Ray asked: “Hoped that I would be on the sidelines on overwatch again?”

“Exactly, without ISR you will be our only eyes, that more than puts you in the game,” Jason responded, “You’re in, we’re good,” he remarked as he walked away.

However, the soldier wasn’t having any of it and turned back to him and stated: “you didn’t answer my question, Jason.”

But the Bravo leader wasn’t having any of it and told him to “jock up” telling him to get ready for the dangerous mission they have ahead.

With this disagreement, there is a potential of seeing Ray attempt to sabotage the mission to spite Jason.

After all, as he is on overwatch so he could turn a blind eye if he sees the enemy approaching, which would without a doubt disrupt the mission as it would no longer be secret.

In season four, Ray finally asked for professional help after struggling with PTSD and trauma after being held captive during a previous mission.

He was inspired to do so after a conversation with Jason, so perhaps by putting Ray in overwatch this is his way of protecting his friend.

However, the first episode exposed Jason as the one that truly needs protecting.

The season four finale showed he was having mysterious headaches, which even forced him to stop talking mid-conversation.

It was revealed those headaches were actually mental glitches, which were formed as a result of 20 years on the front line.

Perhaps in the coming episodes, he will be forced to give up his title as the leader and take a break from Bravo.

SEAL Team season five is airing Sundays on CBS and Monday on Paramount Plus in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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