Selena: The Series Part 2 Will Show a Lot More of the Her Story

Minor spoilers ahead.

Selena: The Series is now streaming on Netflix, but Selena Quintanilla’s journey is not yet finished onscreen. Luckily for viewers, this is a two-part story, and another installment of the show is already confirmed.

The first nine episodes retrace the superstar’s rise to fame, starting with her very early days performing with the family band, Selena y Los Dinos. The season ends with the introduction of Yolanda Saldívar, who killed the singer in 1995, and the firing of Chris Perez, Selena’s guitarist and eventual husband, after Selena’s father Abraham discovered their secret romance. As fans very well know, there’s still much to explore in Selena’s life after this point. Here’s what we know about Selena: The Series Part 2 so far.

It already finished filming.

By the time Christian Serratos, who plays Selena in the show, spoke to The Los Angeles Times for a November 29 feature story, she had already wrapped the show’s second season, which was produced under COVID-19 guidelines and safety protocols. The release date and number of episodes for Selena Part 2 are still unknown.

The next chapter will most likely feature the same cast and crew, including writer and producer Moisés Zamora (American Crime, Star), and executive producer Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister. Take a look at the full cast below.

Selena will be more empowered and independent.

While the first half of the series featured Quintanilla’s coming-of-age story and her family’s struggle to break through in the music business, the second half will show her “as she gains her own independence and she’s empowered to become a star,” Zamora told Entertainment Tonight.

“I do see that that evolution for her, and … the intention is for more episodes to come, and to show that trajectory of Selena as she essentially is a married woman and starts her journey as a crossover artist,” he added.

We’ll see more of Selena the icon.

Serratos told that the first half of the show was “nerve-racking” because there was less footage of young Selena for her base her performance on. “But at the same time it was more relaxed, because I got more liberty. People don’t know that version of Selena very much,” she added.

In the second part of the show, however, “we’re going to see a lot more of the icon,” Serratos said. “I had a lot more to base the performance on—but it was nerve-racking because people know that Selena so well. There was added pressure.”

The actress also told The LA Times that doing her own makeup helped her feel “so much more like” Selena, especially for the second season. “That started off my day in character, going to work and doing my makeup,” she said. “For Season 2, I was like, ‘I want to do it. Selena did her own makeup, I’m doing my own makeup.’”

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Although we know how Selena’s story ends, the show will be a celebration of her life.

“The series isn’t about her death,” Natasha Perez, who plays Selena’s murderer Yolanda Saldívar in the series, told Entertainment Weekly. She emphasized that while the public knows the singer’s journey ended in a terrible tragedy, the show portrays her life with care.

“Yolanda is there to add tension to what’s going on, but what’s going on is so beautiful because it’s an artist finding herself, an artist emerging and finding her place within her family, and society. Everyone was very careful with how it was all handled,” Perez added.

“Unfortunately, Yolanda is a part of Selena’s tragic story. But the beauty of it all is how her legacy continues until today through her music, her art, and really, her whole life. Thanks to her, we can have this conversation today and celebrate a show about a Latina, starring and written by Latinos. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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