‘Selfish and irresponsible!’ Carole Malone erupts at Britons refusing to take on Covid jab

Jeremy Vine: Malone clashes with Stadlen over vaccine

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TV Presenter Carole Malone has blasted Britons refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine. Speaking on Jeremy Vine on 5, a furious Ms Malone said that people who had not been vaccinated risked spreading COVID-19 to others. The UK Government has recently expressed concern about the danger of outbreaks of coronavirus in areas where vaccine uptake has been low, such as Bolton.

Ms Malone made the comments when discussing an individual eligible for the Covid jab who had turned it down with show host Jeremy Vine and fellow panellist Michael Stadlan.

Speaking about those who wouldn’t be vaccinated, she said: “They shouldn’t be allowed to be in areas.

“All throughout this pandemic we were shopping at a space of two metres inside of supermarkets.

“I’m talking about going to venues, I’m talking about going to the cinema, I’m talking about sitting next to people in restaurants.”

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Referring to a friend of Matthew Stadlen who had refused to be vaccinated, she said: “If he gets it, he could infect other people.

“He could infect teenagers who maybe haven’t had the vaccine.

“He could re-infect someone like me who’s been vaccinated twice.”

Mr Stadlen responded: “But he’s terrified, and a lot of people are scared. So they should be punished for that?”

Ms Malone hit back: “How selfish of him not to do this!”

“If he gets the virus, frankly it is his own fault. The vaccine prevents you from getting seriously, dangerously ill with the virus.”

“If he’s so frightened, tell him to get the vaccine. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Vaccine uptake in the UK has been generally high – almost 70 percent of UK adults have received at least one dose of a vaccine as of May 17, while just under 40% have had two doses.


“In Bolton, 19 people in hospital on Monday [had Covid]” he said.

“Interesting – of the 19, 13 had not had the vaccine. That’s why the Health Secretary has gone potty about it.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently urged people in Bolton to get the vaccine to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and stated that most Covid patients in the area were eligible for the vaccine but hadn’t taken it. 

Both Mr Hancock and the UK government have been increasingly concerned about vaccine uptake amid the spread of the India variant, of which Hancock stated this week there are an estimated 2,323 cases in the UK.

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