Seven Emmerdale spoilers as Chloe and Noah reconnect and HUGE evidence of Meena's crimes is uncovered

AFTER Meena Jutla's narrow escape from justice, furious ITV viewers are hoping the serial killer gets her due.

Despite running away to Scotland, the nurse's past could catch up with her. Get the lowdown on next week's Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Sam finds evidence of Meena's murders

Emmerdale fans know that Meena went on murder spree the past few months.

The nurse portrayed by Paige Sandhu killed her former best friend Nadine Butler prior to her arrival in the Dales and, as characters were slowly closing in on her, went on to take the lives of three other people.

These include Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

Throughout her rampage, Meena kept small items to remember her victims by as "trophies", which she then stored in a box.

In an attempt to cover up for her crimes, she buried the secret box in an allotment.

However, nothing stays buried to long in Emmerdale and Sam Dingle will inadvertently shovel dirt across the box while working in the allotment.

Will Sam uncover the evidence needed against Meena?

2. Chas and Marlon get bad news

The landlady of The Woolpack is in for some bad news alongside her cousin (and co-owner of the establishment) Marlon.

Determined to keep her business afloat, Chas was initially against Al's ambitions to turn the pub into a block of luxury flats.

But when her insurance claim (filed after The Woolpack was set on fire during the Christmas season) is declared void as she and Marlon failed to mention any development plans, she is devastated.

Backed into a corner, Chas agrees to assign ownership of The Woolpack over to Al.

3. Al faces losing everything

The businessman was hoping that setting The Woolpack ablaze would push Chas and Marlon to sell the pub and repay his debt to Gavin.

But when Mackenzie and Cain discover his connection to the loan shark by stealing his phone, they decide to get involved and reach out to him.

With new business partners in his peripheral, Gavin drops out of Al's development deal and demands all of his money back.

As a reminder of what he is capable of, Gavin intimidates Al even further by threatening his family.

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Cain will be at odds with his own familyCredit: ITV

4. Cain gets disowned

Mackenzie and Cain's ploy to get payback on Al doesn't come without repercussions.

After betraying his family to gain the upper hand in the feud, Cain is disowned and ostracised by an infuriated Chas.

The hot-tempered Dingle has been feuding with Al for several weeks.

Both of their sons, Kyle and Ellis, even became collateral damage in the conflict.

5. Mackenzie gets jealous

Matters of the heart are also troubling some Emmerdale characters next week, and more particularly Mackenzie.

He has been feeling insecure about his relationship with Charity since Vanessa came back to the Dales.

And when little Johnny asks his adoptive mother Charity for a playdate with her son Moses, Mackenzie is left jealous, believing both ex-partners are getting close once again.

But does Mackenzie really need to fear a rekindling of Vanessa and Charity's flame?

6. Jai scams Laurel

On the brink of ruin following the hefty fine he received because of the terrible events of Survival Week, Jai has downplayed the situation to his partner Laurel.

But after a new loan application is denied, the co-owner of The Hop stoops to a new low and even drags his girlfriend down with him.

Desperate to get his hands on a jaw-dropping £50,000, Jai comes up with a new strategy and changes the name of the applicant to Laurel.

7. Chloe reconnects with Noah

Noah and Chloe can't get away from one another despite Charity and Kerry's best attempts at separating them.

Warned against rekindling her connection with Noah and knowing that her father would have him killed for their relationship, Chloe reconnects with the teenager.

Chloe previously tried to run away with Noah.

However, Charity is terrified for her son as she found out, with the help of housemaid Kerry, Chloe's father has a criminal past.

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