Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Leyla’s shocking discovery and DI Malone’s downfall

LEYLA Harding is horrified next week in Emmerdale when she discovers the identity of her tormentor. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on the ITV soap next week…

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1. Leyla has a visitor

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see David bump into a man named Gaz in the shop.

Gaz boasts that he’s on his way to a date and David is baffled when he realises he must mean Leyla.

Later, Jacob and Liam watch Gaz approach Leyla from across the village. 

She looks confused by his arrival but eventually lets him inside.

What's going on?

2. Leyla gets a nasty shock

Later in the week, Leyla overhears a noise in the office and is shocked out of her skin when a shadowy figure jumps out at her. 

She manages to lash out and hit the culprit before they escape. 

Later, Leyla calls the police but it soon dawns on her who her tormentor might be.

Who is it?

3. Jamie confesses to Belle

Jamie arrives looking a sight and Belle tries to usher him away. 

But the vet quickly starts pouring his heart out to her and explains that he still loves her but he’s trapped by Andrea’s blackmailing. 

When Belle won’t take him seriously, Jamie finally admits it was him behind Moira’s hit and run – and that Andrea is using it to force him to stay with her. 

4. Belle threatens to ring the police

Belle is left reeling from his shock revelation and threatens to go to the police. 

Later, Belle feels torn over what to do about Jamie. 

Will she end up reporting him?

5. Dawn makes an awful discovery 

When Harriet comes up with an excuse to get Will and Dawn to leave, Dawn is immediately suspicious that she’s up to something.

It’s not long before Dawn bursts in on Harriet while she’s at it with Malone.

Dawn is horrified by Harriet’s affair and orders her to tell Will everything – or she will. 

6. Dawn reports Malone to the police

Later, Dawn arrives at the police station and launches a report against DI Malone for his corrupt organisation. 

But will she regret crossing the detective?

7. David gets back out there

David makes a foray into the world of online dating after deciding he’s finally over his last relationship. 

Viewers will remember that David was dating Maya, who started abusing his teenage son Jacob in one of the soap’s most controversial storylines.

But David grows embarrassed next week about the fact he’s having to use a dating app to get back out there. 

Will it be a success?

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