Shane Richie tries to cut interview short after revealing big EastEnders spoiler

Shane Richie made a shock return to EastEnders on Thursday night – but already appears to have ruined his upcoming storyline.

Fan favourite Alfie Moon was reveled to be Hayley Slater’s mystery man when he opened the hotel room door.

His comeback was shrouded in secrecy and Shane didn’t tell any of his co-stars, including on-screen wife Jessie Wallace, or even his own mum.

But all the sneaking around may have been undone after he accidentally revealed a massive spoiler on today’s Good Morning Britain.

Shane admitted Alfie was referred to as Hayley’s secret boyfriend in the script – then tried to cut the interview short.

On his return, he said: “We said right, we’re going to bring back Alfie for these particular storylines – tonight is the big reveal – we can’t tell anybody. I was snuck in. Jessie’s [Jessie Wallace] one of my best friends, I couldn’t even tell her.

"All the cast got a script and they had this moody name in it, I can’t remember what it was – like Richard or Robin or something – and everyone’s going, ‘Who’s this Hayley’s boyfriend?’ and no one guessed.

"Jake Wood text me, Steve McFadden… are you coming back? I said, ‘No, I’m away filming Benidorm’. Of course, I wasn’t."

GMB presenter Kate Garraway then asked Shane if he had given away a massive spoiler by confirming that Alfie was Hayley’s boyfriend.

Shane jokingly pretended he was getting shouted out through an ear piece before trying to cut the show to the weather.

He said: "Am I losing you, hello, that’s cutting out, it’s now to Kate with the weather."

When asked if he’d "given it away", Shane said: "No but you need to watch tonight, there’s a back story which reveals why Kat and Alfie aren’t together.

He added: “Tonight is a big reveal, whether it happens or not… there is a big story to be told and tonight we set the seeds for that story.”

"Alfie kind of throws a spanner in the works – the repercussions of tonight’s episode will carry on.”

Shane also spoke about whether his character has a future, admitting it was up to EastEnders boss John Yorke.

He said: “I’d like to think he’s got plans in the future for Alfie. It’s never the actor’s decision. There’s stories to be told and fingers crossed they’ll bring Alfie back to tell those stories.”

*EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 8pm

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