Sia Throws Money at Her Favorite 'Survivor' Contestants, Offers Joe Anglim $15k to Cut His Hair

While three “Survivor” contestants didn’t take home the big prize, Sia reached out with money of her own.

Chris Underwood was the big winner of "Survivor: Edge of Extinction" on Wednesday night, but he wasn’t the only one who went home with some extra change in his pocket.

Show superfan Sia threw money at least three players as she watched the finale last night, live tweeting along with the show. Her first offer was sent to Joe Anglim, whose long locks he joked were the source of his power. While he and host Jeff Probst made some light banter about cutting his hair at the top of the finale, it was a tweet from Sia that really made him follow through on the challenge.

"Hey @janglim21 if you cut your hair off and donate it to a children’s cancer wig making charity I’ll give you 15k," she tweeted at him during the show. He accepted, but on his own terms.

"Thank you @Sia!! I always said I would only cut my hair for charity," he replied. "I accept with one condition – the 15k is also donated to charity."

Here’s how he looked after:


As the finale continued to air, Sia also tweeted at Aurora McCreary, who opened up about foster care and adoption during her time on the show. Sia’s tweet: "Hey @AuroraMcCreary I’m giving you, 15k just for making it through foster care. I love you, keep going!"

After all that, it was time for her to hand out her biggest donation of the night, "The Sia Award," which Probst described as one she "gives to the contestant she was most entertained by." While she wasn’t on the show herself, Jeff revealed the winner during the live show: Rick Devens.

“It’s a very nice award. It is $100,000. And the reason is, I want to be really clear, because it sounds crazy. This is the truth, Sia says, ‘I’ve been so lucky in my life. I like to share my success and I get a lot of enjoyment from this show,’" Probst explained.

Devens told EW he was "absolutely floored" by her gift. "Sia single-handedly took what was a very depressing night, watching my demise, and turned it around. My wife broke down in the front of the audience. She was going nuts.”

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