Sky News interviewee uses N-word while discussing institutional racism

A Sky News interviewee used the N-word while discussing institutional racism earlier today (April 23) during a live interview.

Michael Mansfield was on the show to talk about how institutional racism hasn’t gone away, with the lawyer helping Stephen Lawrence’s family in their prosecution of the police following his tragic death in 1993.

“[It] is not something that has gone away, but we are much more alert because of the Lawrence case to the risks and the prejudice and of course at the end of the day the violence that comes out of this kind of thinking,” he explained.

“Sometimes it’s not evident by someone calling somebody a c**n or a n****r or whatever phrase there is… it’s not as obvious as that.”

Mansfield was then interrupted by the Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee to apologise for the language that he had used.

“We do have to apologise for that language because they are very offensive terms. I understand why you used them to illustrate your point but we do have to apologise,” she outlined.

Mansfield then continued by saying that the offensive terms “were used and still are used”. “We hope… that institutions will recognise it isn’t always phrased in that way,” he added.

“It’s subversive, it’s insidious and it’s the kind of prejudice that leads to a situation in which people are isolated and alienated – and the non-white population feel unwanted.”

It’s a similar situation to when Diane Abbott used the N-word on Good Morning Britain last year to detail the horrific abuse she receives online.

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