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Brace yourselves, readers, because the new horror movie, Slender Man, is officially out in theaters and our wigs are spooked! We’ve been waiting for the film to premiere for so long now and let us be the first to tell you that lives up to the hype. If you have blood pressure problems, you may want to avoid seeing it, though, because we guarantee that Slender Man will cause your heart rate to skyrocket.

Haven’t heard too much about the film before? No need to worry! You really don’t need to know too much about the concept of Slender Man to fully understand and enjoy the film. But if you want to hear a little insider tea and gossip before you buy your ticket, we got you covered. Here 7 facts about the new horror movie that will make you want to run to the theater to watch it right now.

It all started as a meme.

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Like all great moments in history, the character of Slender Man himself originated from a single meme. Yep, seriously! In 2009, the creepy supernatural character was created in meme form by Eric Knudsen. From there, it went viral and suddenly became a cult phenomenon.

Slender Man’s body is, well, slender!

Is if his supernatural powers weren’t enough, Slender Man’s body is crazy. He’s depicted as a super tall and skinny man in a suit who has tentacle-like arms that he can extend for as far as he wants. Well, we do love a scary sister.

It has a controversial history.

What started as a meme quickly became something much, much, much worse. In 2014, two teenage girls took their classmate into the woods and stabbed her 19 times, saying they did it so that they could become closer to Slender Man. Ummm, wut?

The incident caused a ton of uproar, understandably. A documentary was soon released called Beware the Slenderman that followed how the fictional character grew to such popularity.

The victims father has spoken out about the film.

After the film was announced, the stabbing victim’s father spoke out about how distasteful he thought it was. He said, “It’s absurd they want to make a movie like this. It’s popularizing a tragedy is what it’s doing. I’m not surprised but in my opinion it’s extremely distasteful. All we’re doing is extending the pain all three of these families have gone through.”

It stars Joey King.

Even if scary movies aren’t your thing, you’re going to want to watch Slender Man because it stars one of our favorite young actress. Yep, we’re talking about The Kissing Booth‘s Joey King! She plays the role of Wren, one of the film’s leading three character. From rom-com to horror film, is there anything the 19-year-old actress can’t do?

It also stars Julia Goldani Telles from Bunheads.

As an added bonus, the film also stars Julia Goldani Telles, who you’ll probably remember from Freeform’s Bunheads! She was supposed to play Tessa Young in the upcoming After movie, too, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. This cast is seriously killer (wink, wink).

Slender Man is played by a real person.

Since Slender Man is a supernatural creature, you may think film execs would turn to CGI to bring him to life on the big screen. But, as it turns out, he’s played by a real person!

Javier Botet, a Spanish actor, plays the role of the terrifying character. he has Marfan Syndrome, which not only makes him super tall and lean, but also gives him super long fingers and toes, making him the perfect person to play Slender Man.

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