'SNL' Celebrates The Women Of Congress In Scathing Sketch

Who run the world? Girls! And more specifically, the Women of Congress.

During this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the show paid tribute to the newly elected and incumbent females of the 116th Congress with a Charlie’s Angels parody, complete with swanky introductions and explosions of fire.

“Once upon a time there were women. And then they became fed-up women. And then they became congresswomen,” a narrator states in the opener. “They fight crimes, they right wrongs, they wear white, but they’re not all white, and we love them. They’re the Women of Congress!”

The first member of the squad is, of course, badass Nancy “Madame Clap Back” Pelosi (played by the inimitable Kate McKinnon), whose sarcastic State of the Union applause made headlines this week.

“I’m so woke I can’t close my eyes,” she says. Melissa Villaseñor portrays Alexandria “I Say What I Meme” Ocasio-Cortez who will not hesitate to dog-walk you if you lay a hand on her Green New Deal. Meanwhile, Leslie Jones reprises her role of Maxine “Don’t Go Chasing” Waters.

But the real stars of the girl gang are the trailblazers of the Congress and Senate. There’s Cecily Strong’s Senator Kyrsten “Kooky Arizona Lady” Sinema, who proclaims she’s “bicameral, bipartisan, and bi” because, as you know, Sinema is the first openly bisexual member of the US Senate. Ego Nwodin portrays Ilhan “Get the Hi-Job Done” Omar, the first-ever Muslim woman elected to Congress. “I’m a proud Muslim woman and proud American,” she exclaims. “And when Ted Cruz sees me, he crosses the street.”

The sketch also features Aidy Bryant’s Annie “Raise the Roof” Kuster, Heidi Gardner’s Abigail “Say My Name, Say My Name” Spanberger, and musical guest Halsey as Rashida “Impeach the Motherf*cker” Tlaib.

In true Charlie’s Angels fashion, the women gather inside their headquarters (Pelosi’s office) to hear a message from “Charlie” (you guessed it: Trump). Through the speaker, Alec Baldwin’s Trump congratulates the women for being elected.

“Congratulations, Women of Congress. You know, since I’ve been President, we have more women serving in Congress than ever before,” he states.

As a reminder, this statement is typically met with eye rolls and arm folding because it is a blatant lie. In reality, more women have been elected precisely because of the Trump administration’s anti-women policies.

“You don’t get to take credit for that!” Bryant’s Kuster shouts. “That’s not because of you, that’s in spite of you!” Halsey’s Tlaib exclaims. Fed up with the nonsense, Tlaib grabs a baseball bat and destroys the speaker. “And you’re not rich!” says Waters, to really stick it to him.

And that, folks, is how it’s done.

While the sketch was brief, it’s a salute to the changing state of Congress and how more and more women are dominating the field to make change. 

Women of Congress to the rescue!

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