'Snowfall': Damson Idris Says Franklin Is More 'Vulnerable' and 'Less Sure of Himself' in Season 4

Originally slated to air in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the filming for Snowfall season 4, pushing the premiere to Feb. 24, 2021. When viewers last saw Franklin Saint, he was recovering from his high ex-girlfriend shooting him in the back after blaming him for her father’s death.

After watching the young drug dealer grow into a profitable businessman, the fourth season will show more sides of the character. For example, in an interview, actor Damson Idris noted Franklin is “less sure of himself” than viewers are used to seeing him.

Damson Idris portrays Franklin in ‘Snowfall’

Set in the early 1980s, FX’s crime drama Snowfall centers around the first crack epidemic and its effect on the Black community.

The series follows numerous characters’ stories, including young, ambitious drug dealer Franklin Saint, Mexican wrestler Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, CIA agent Teddy McDonald, and crime boss niece, Lucia Villanueva.

Although they, and their backgrounds, seem drastically different, the characters eventually cross paths due to the drugs. Throughout the first three seasons, Franklin has grown from selling marijuana part-time with his uncle to a bonafide cocaine dealer.

Even though he made enough money to get out of his neighborhood, Franklin isn’t satisfied. Season 3 ends with him wanting to team up with Teddy, real name Reed Thompson, to help his community.

Idris on working with famed music director Karena Evans

Canadian actress and music video director Karena Evans, known for her work on Drake’s “In My Feelings,” “I’m Upset,” “Nice For What,” and “God’s Plan,” directed episode 2 in season 4.

In an interview with Complex, Franklin actor Damson Idris noted he thought she was “incredibly talented” after watching the “God’s Plan” video.

He also pointed out that the 25-year-old director didn’t play into “the stigma” that comes with being young in the industry and carried herself “like an absolute G.”

Additionally, the actor claimed Evans studied the show and wanted to create an “iconic” episode for the series. Idris closed by noting he thinks she “did a job well done” and expressed an interest in working with her again.

Idris says Franklin is more ‘vulnerable’ in ‘Snowfall’ season 4

The London based actor also spoke about his character’s evolution and where he is in the fourth season. Idris described Franklin as “the same old man” and explained the show would continue telling the story of the impact crack had on Blacks.

He also promised the audience would “be on the edge of your seats” watching the series as Franklin continues making money while the “war on the drugs” heavily hits the community.

Additionally, Idris noted his character has a hard time balancing his legal real estate business with his illegal cocaine operation. Finally, the British actor noted the audience would see a more “vulnerable” side of Franklin as the character is “less sure of himself compared to previous seasons.”

Idris is excited about the transformation his role went through and the story the show is telling as he “can’t wait” for viewers to see the new season. Snowfall premieres Feb. 24 on FX.

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