Snowpiercer’s Daveed Diggs opens up on ‘very hard’ season 3 filming experience

Snowpiercer release trailer for series finale

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After ending on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, Netflix’s thrilling post-apocalyptic series, Snowpiercer will make its highly anticipated return this month. As well as dropping hints about the upcoming series, Daveed Diggs who stars as Andre Layton also lifted the lid on the challenging filming experience.

The dystopian series was set seven years after the world had frozen over and become a complete wasteland.

However, onboard the Snowpiercer which consisted of 1,001 carriages lived a population of survivors who had become rigidly divided by class.

In order to stop the people onboard from freezing, the train travelled around the world 2.7 times a year and was able to produce energy by keeping the train in constant motion.

However, in season three evidence revealed the world was getting warmer which promised a potentially new life outside of the train.

The majority of the series was filmed on the train, until season two where Melanie Cavill (played by Jennifer Connelly) was sent outside in the snow to prove her theory about the world becoming livable again.

Aside from filming in the deep snow, Diggs revealed other challenges the cast and crew faced during season three.

Just like the entire TV and film industry, the production faced a number of difficulties when it came to filming safely after the emergence of COVID-19.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Diggs revealed: “The borders in Canada were shut down while we were there.

“A lot of us were used to being able to go home on weekends occasionally to see loved ones and have external support systems, that really didn’t exist this last season.

“For a cast that was already exceptionally close, we got even closer, and that was kind of lovely.

“It was really, really hard for everyone to spend seven months without seeing your significant others, that was tough, but the cast in particular rallied around each other last season and became a family in a different way.

“It made me very grateful to be with the people I’m with on this show. It would have been impossible in a different group I think,” the actor concluded.

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The last time viewers saw Melanie, she had been abandoned by her rival Mr Wilford (Sean Bean) who had purposely driven past her when it was time for Melanie to return to the train.

After constantly clashing with Andre about power and leadership he had created his own 10 car pirate train.

In an attempt to save Melanie from freezing to death, Layton and a group of supporters took hostages off the train and stole the Eternal Engine.

However, when they ventured out into her hut in a snowy Colorado, all they could find was her research and therefore believed she was dead.

The train had also been malfunctioning, which caused great concern for viewers as well as the engineers who were worried about the passengers.

Diggs also dropped some major teasers about the upcoming season: “There was a lot of movie magic happening this season in ways that there weren’t before.

“There are a lot of things this season that look really badass on the final side of it and that shooting them is the least badass-looking thing.

The actor added: “There’s a ton of action, but what I liked about shooting this season was that there are a lot of big, emotional, character-driven revelations that happen in some of the most action-packed moments.”

Snowpiercer season 3 will premiere on Netflix on Monday, January, 24

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