Soap spoilers: EastEnders fight, Hollyoaks Dee Dee tension, Coronation Street suspicion, Emmerdale backlash

EastEnders newcomer Stuart Highway is at the centre of more trouble next week when he clashes with Robbie Jackson.

Stuart (Ricky Champ) finds himself caught in the crossfire when an argument kicks off at the Queen Vic – and he quickly proves himself as a man who’s not to be messed with.

The trouble all begins when Donna Yates (Lisa Hammond) and Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) become embroiled in an argument at the pub.

Seeing this as an opportunity to impress Donna, Robbie (Dean Gaffney) jumps to her defence and refers to Donna as his girlfriend as he warns Hayley to leave her alone.

In true Slater style, Hayley throws a drink at Robbie but when he retaliates, it’s Stuart who ends up getting drenched by mistake.

Stuart isn’t shy when it comes to making Robbie pay for this, but how far will things go?

EastEnders airs these scenes Tuesday, May 15 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Over on Hollyoaks, there’s trouble ahead between Tony and Diane Hutchinson as the pressure of Dee Dee’s illness becomes too much.

Dee Dee was recently diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, a serious condition that involves the immune system attacking the brain and impairing function.

Later this month, tension starts to flare up between Tony (Nick Pickard) and Diane (Alex Fletcher) as they disagree over how best to handle the situation.

One thing they struggle to reach a resolution over is whether Dee Dee’s biological mum Tegan Lomax should know the truth or not.

Tony thinks that Tegan deserves to be told what’s going on, but Diane disagrees and leaves the couple at a stalemate. Upset by the arguments, Dee Dee throws her cup and begs them to stop.

Despite this, things only get worse at the hospital later on as they begin arguing in front of the doctor and Dee Dee. Could Dee Dee’s condition put Tony and Diane’s marriage under threat?

Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Thursday, May 25 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

Coming up on Coronation Street, Shona Ramsey’s new-found hatred of Josh Tucker begins to arouse suspicion.

Shona (Julia Goulding) has vowed to bring down Josh after discovering that he raped David Platt.

Josh’s new girlfriend Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) is quick to pick up on the tension next week and can’t help feeling like she’s missing something.

Taking the bull by the horns on this one, Alya confronts Shona and demands to know why she clearly dislikes Josh so much.

Keen not to betray her boyfriend’s confidence, how much will Shona say? Is there any way she can explain herself without revealing David’s secret?

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Monday, May 14 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Meanwhile, Emmerdale‘s Laurel Thomas continues to face the music over her affair with Bob Hope.

This week’s episodes saw Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and Bob (Tony Audenshaw) decide to make a go of being a couple after Bob was dumped by his wife Brenda on their wedding day.

Next week’s episodes see Nicola King and Bernice Blackstock start to stick their noses in, as they’re both hurt that Laurel never confided in them about the affair.

Laurel also wonders how best to tell the kids about what’s been going on, but as the backlash continues, she’s soon left convinced that that whole world is against her.

Could Laurel lose more friends as a result of everything that’s happened with Bob?

Emmerdale airs these scenes on Tuesday, May 15 at 7pm on ITV.

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