Sophie Gradon's boyfriend Aaron Armstrong posts heartbreaking message about mental health after Love Island star's 'suicide'

Aaron Armstrong posted the message about mental health just a day after the former Miss Great Britain was found dead at her parents' home near Newcastle.

Taking to social media, Aaron shared a photograph of the couple smiling together, surrounded by love hearts.

Next to the black and white snap, Aaron added: "It's not easy, but it's okay to talk".

Sophie, 32, is feared to have taken her own life this week after struggling with anxiety and cash worries.

Her death has left her friends reeling, with heartbroken Aaron writing a tribute to her, saying: "I will never forget that smile."

He added: "You're my world forever and always".

Sophie had only shared her first picture with Aaron on May 25, as the couple posed ahead of a night out.

But the reality star had already started to refer to Aaron as "The One", with friends believing the loved-up couple would marry.

Close pals have spoken of their shock at Sophie's death, saying she had recently seemed "happier than ever" with her new man.

The former beauty queen, who starred in the 2016 reality series, appeared to have overcome a previous bout of depression.

She had even tweeted about overcoming her anxiety, writing in April: "Thinking back to when I became a total recluse, afraid to go out anywhere because of crippling anxiety & how different my life is now!!!

"Facing up to your fears is sometimes the hardest but most rewarding thing!!!"

But she hid her demons from all but her closest circle — and was also left devastated by the recent death of a close friend.

Privately educated Sophie last week attended the funeral of close friend Paul Burns — a bar owner  known as Mr Newcastle — who had a heart attack at 37.

After the funeral, she wrote: “Thank you for being there when you recognised I needed someone, you are a true saint.”

One friend told The Sun last night: “We all thought Sophie was the happiest she had ever been.

“She had suffered from depression and anxiety and there was talk of financial issues which obviously adds to the worry she was enduring.

“Her friends thought she was in a great place as she was madly in love with her boyfriend and life was good.

“However a good friend died and it affected her very badly.

“She struggled to cope with it and fell into a dark place.”

Sophie herself had been open about her battle with anxiety in the months before her death.

The 32-year-old, who claimed she had "sold her soul to reality TV", said she was often "overwhelmed" by her anxiety.

She wrote in October: "Feel so guilty when my anxiety takes over, for not wanting to see or speak to anyone. Some days I get so overwhelmed I just want to nap!"

Sophie had also opened up about the toll online trolls took on her.

Speaking to Radio Aire just three months ago, Sophie revealed how difficult it was to see people write hurtful comments 

The 32-year-old said: "There would be so many negative comments. They are commenting on the way you look, the way you talk.

"They would come up with an opinion of you on a TV show where they’ve watched you for 45 minutes.

"And you’ve probably only be on 10 minutes and it's cut down from 24 hours.

"It was very hard to deal with because you take it like you’re being judged. It can really get into your mind and really affect you.

"The harsh reality is, it can end up with that person taking their own life.

"And as you’ve seen in the media, that is what happens. Can you imagine being responsible for that?"

Sophie's family has been left devastated by her death, with a source close to the family telling The Sun Online: "Social media has a lot to answer for. She had the world at her feet but was so unhappy.

"Her parents are in turmoil. Their world is broken in two."

Police have ruled the death as non-suspicious.

  • IF you are having suicidal thoughts, suffering from anxiety or depression or just want to talk, call The Samaritans on 116 123.

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