'Southern Charm' Stars Patricia Altschul & Kathryn Dennis Got A Chance To Hang Out In Los Angeles

Mutual friend Luzanne Otte helped the two share a Friday night Instagram story

While some might think that the burgeoning friendship between Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul is just for the cameras, this is not the case. The two southern beauties have been taking baby steps for months in an effort to see if they could move on from their very rocky start, and now they are ready to go public and say yes, they want to move forward, and choose to spend time together willingly off camera as well as on.

Bravo confirms that Dennis and Altschul were both out in the L.A. area separately, but got together to watch the Southern Charm Season 5 reunion part one at a friend’s Bel Air home. The two ladies watched the sometimes cringe-worthy debut sitting side by side on the sofa with friends and saw what fans saw, down to the awkward moments at the Winter Ball.

Altschul says that they have moved forward and are enjoying each other’s company while they are both out on the west coast.

“I would hope that we are friends now. We had a very nice conversation at the finale, at the ball. It went on even longer than was shown and I have high hopes that we’ll be friends in the future.”

Watching the reunion…….

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But for all of the times these two have been caught on camera together, there have been other meetings that went under the radar. Altschul, Dennis, and their mutual friend, Luzanne Otte were spotted back in May at Hall’s Chop House with another Charmer, Danni Baird having a nice after dinner chat that went on for at least an hour.

And while some on social media are alleging that the viewing party for the reunion was a photo opportunity, Altschul, Dennis, Otte, and some other familiar faces met up on Friday and Saturday night in and around L.A. First they met for dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Lounge at the Hotel Bel Air, and then they were spotted looking for trouble in West Hollywood at The Abbey with Ronnie and Ben from Watch What Crappens. Tucked quietly into the video are Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith and a friend.

Altschul posted a video on Instagram showing the ladies enjoying some entertainment.

“Ben and Ronnie leading us astray in West Hollywood #hellokitty #illprayforyou #southerncharm ”

We had a great time at the fabulous @hotelbelair #wolfgangpuck with @kathryndennis, Luzanne Otte who so brilliantly writes @welovepataltschul and lil ole me

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The trio also decided to do a live chat at Wolfgang Puck’s, answering questions from fans on Friday night. Though they had a bit of technical trouble figuring out the best way to hold the phone and answer questions, all three were candid while taking turns leaning in to say hello to everyone tuning in.

This admittedly is a far cry from the strained relationship shown when the two had their first on-camera chat in five years at the Winter Ball (which was filmed in December), according to Bravo. But Altschul says that only part of her talk with Dennis was shown on the finale.

Altschul admits that things started to change before the ball when she started listening to her son Whitney and cast member Shep Rose instead of others who seemed to have an agenda.

“For one thing, I have not taken my information from Thomas [Ravenel], who had always been my source of information about Kathryn, backed up by Landon [Clements]. This year I didn’t; I listened to Whitney and to Shep [Rose]. And I actually saw her on the show. The evolution of her on the show and that’s what made me interested and anxious to get to know her better.”

Altschul has now cut the naysayers out of her life and looks to be having a lot more fun out and about with Dennis and Otte as one of the girls.

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