SPOILER ALERT – Does Coronation Street's Zeedan become a killer?

That appears even more promising when his wife offers to work a shift at the restaurant, and he sees a weeping Kate being comforted by Sophie.

While doing some publicity for their new business, a press interview turns awkward when the journalist starts probing the Nazirs about their marriage.

It’s all too much for Rana, who quickly makes her excuses and leaves.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sophie head into town for a few drinks.

Zeedan follows them and is taking some ‘incriminating’ photos to show Rana, when she shows up and catches him.

Although he’s given his marching orders, things get worse for the women as they’re hassled by a bloke called Phil and his mates.

When the men become aggressive, Sophie sets off her rape alarm and they scatter.

Back on the Street, Rana reveals to Kate that she has finally told Zeedan she wants a divorce.

Overjoyed, the couple share a passionate kiss in the ginnel but, mid-snog, Phil appears and grabs Kate!

As Rana screams, Zeedan comes to her rescue, knocking Phil to the ground. Is he alive?

Johnny turns to Liz

As the Connors struggle to process Aidan’s death, Michelle finds a letter in his handwriting addressed to Johnny, saying: ‘I’m sorry.’

There’s more agony as the contents of Aidan’s will are revealed, and Liz offers Johnny a shoulder to cry on as he deals with his grief.

Jenny continues to say the wrong thing, though, and when she suggests he see a doctor, Johnny furiously throws a glass against the wall.

Eileen makes him realise how much he’s pushing Jenny away, but when Johnny apologises to his wife and she tells him that she still loves him, will he come clean about how he turned to Liz instead of her?

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