SPOILER ALERT – Laurel and Bob become public enemies in Emmerdale

The bride told her new hubby they were over shortly after the wedding ceremony last week – and things turn ugly as the rest of the village face up to Bob’s affair with Laurel.

Nicola can’t believe her best friend was having it away with the café owner and demands to know if the rumours are true.

When Laurel confirms that she and Bob are now in a relationship, both Nicola and Bernice are offended she didn’t tell them. And they’re not the only ones appalled by her behaviour – Gabby and Arthur are disgusted, and fear that Laurel will ask Bob to move in with them.

Despite Doug trying to smooth things over, the kids are insistent they’re not going to live with Laurel anymore, a conversation that Brenda overhears.

Thinking Bob is already staying at Laurel’s, she takes Faith’s advice and contacts a solicitor –
telling Bob that all conversations between them should now go through her lawyer.

But her actions have an undesirable consequence – when Laurel sees how upset Bob is by his encounter with Brenda, she offers him a roof over his head after all.

We can’t imagine the Thomas kids will be hanging out the welcome bunting.

Also this week… Who dies?

Tragedy strikes the village this week when a terrible disaster leads to the death of a resident.
While we can’t reveal the exact circumstances of the incident, we can tell you that the devastating event begins when Diane notices a crack in one of the supporting beams over a door at the B&B.

Doug gets a builder in to check out the fault, but when he quotes an eye-watering amount to fix it, Doug decides to take on the work himself.

As he climbs a ladder and starts to tear plaster from the walls, one local is about to meet their maker…

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