Spoilers: Bobby goes on a date as he moves on with his life in EastEnders

Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) hasn’t had it easy over the last few months in EastEnders. He’s battled with his OCD and has also had to deal with Ian (Adam Woodyatt) being attacked and going missing.

Fortunately for Bobby, there’s some good times on the horizon as he goes on a date! But will things go to plan?

Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) feels terrible after she realises Bobby overheard her talking about him with Peter (Dayle Hudson) and mentioning he might be lonely.

She tells Bobby there’s someone out there for him, if he’s brave enough to look.

Kim (Tameka Empson) sets her sights on matching Bobby, who is more surprised than anyone when he sees he’s matched with someone on a dating app.

Later, an aftershave drenched Bobby is on his date with Jade, extremely nervous.

We’re crossing out fingers this date turns out to be a success, but will Bobby’s past come back to haunt him at any point?

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